Chelmsford area group?

I wondered if there was a group in my area (Chelmsford/Maldon) that meet up for swapping advice, having a meal and generally offering support to each other. Years ago there was a group called Essex Girls, but that was 2010 when I first had BC. Now that I’m diagnosed with secondary BC stage 4 things are a bit different and more scary - I would like to make contact with others in my situation but can’t find that group on here any more.



I know there is a monthly BC support group at Helen Rollanson Centre beside Springfield Hospital, but I haven’t been to it as I’m in north Essex.


Other than that, Colchester Hospital has a monthly support group but that’s a bit further for you, and I haven’t heard of any others. Would the hospice in Chelmsford know of any support groups?


best wishes



Hello, I am wondering whether we met as I live in Chelmsford and was in a group that all met up. We often used to meet in the Fox and Raven for meals. We meet up less often these days as our group is rather diminished. Sorry I don’t recognise your Bc name to know if we met you. I was dx in 2008 with primary bc but I have been discharged since chemo. Anyway, so sorry to hear you have it back, how are you getting on? Lily x

Hi, did you ever find a Chelmsford Group?

regards Karen