Cheltenham Parking Advice Plz

Hello Peeps,

I’ve only been shopping in Cheltenham a few times so I’d be grateful if some kind souls would give me advice on car parking please.
I’ve got an appt coming up for LGFB in the Sandford Centre (I understand it’s next to fire station opp hospital). Is the P&R a good way to go do you think?
Also DH will have to wile away the time waiting for me so hopefully there’s somewhere close-by for him to grab a drink & have a read?
Finally, it’s not going to be till end of June but when Radio starts is it right that I can get a parking permit?

Many thanks in anticipation xx Chris xx


The lgfb thing is just near the hospital oncology unit. As for parking there is the hospital car park or a pay and display. Both equally expensive. As for the park and ride i can’t remember where the bus goes to. However if you park in town it really isn’t far to walk, straight through Sanford park. If you park in the beechwood arcade it’s about a 15 min walk maximum and it means your husband can hang about in town. There are also some free parking spaces not too far from the place and you can check out the maggie’s centre that we are very lucky to have. Your husband can wait there for you and have a cup of tea or something and read his book. Highly recommend popping in to check the place out. I regulay go there now and I finished treatment last year.

When you start rads yes you can get a parking permit. Bit of an ar*e to get it but ask at reception for it then they send you to the finance office the other side of the hospital! Granted it may have changed since I had to do it last year. Saves a lot of money though.

Lgfb sesh is fab, lots of lovely free stuff, I have a chanel lipstick and ysl eyeliner! Enjoy

Em x

Thanx Em,

Might try the P&R this time- schedule says it drops off @ both hospitals. Don’t want to be late for LGFB so will probably drive over mid morning & have lunch in town (or Maggies if they do lunchy food rather than just snacks?).
There’s prob no point in making enquires about parking as their rules might be tweaked before Summer.
DH not a shopper so won’t be too impressed at being left to wander in town - if I hadn’t heard such good things bout LGFB, I might have let him go in my place & I’d do the shopping - LOL.

Thanx again - xx Chris xx


Maggie’s don’t do food as such but sometimes there is some soup or something. They are happy for you to go along and heat something up or just use the facilities. It’s all very relaxed. Additionally there are the shops on Bath road. Morans is very nice for lunch, serves very good cake! Again a short stroll from the hospital.

Are you on our other page ‘anyone from gloucester’? There’s a bunch of us who meet monthly in Gloucester to chat about stuff, very informal and fun. All range of ages, I’m the youngest at 30. We meet at the Longford in, next meet is on Wednesday 16th at 7.30.

Em x

Hi Chris & Em
I’ve only just registered on this site, having had pre-op assessment today in Gloucester ready for surgery on 10th March - more waiting! Seems so long since diagnosis of lobular ca on 16 Feb. I’m afraid I don’t have the answer to Chelt parking, but wonder if you could tell me what “LGFB” is? Will now try to track down the Gloucester group - or even think of going to bed!!


lgfb is look good feel better, def worth checking out. You have to book and you go along and you get this big bag of bits donated by the companies. It’s all to safe to use during treatment. They show you how to use it and you genuinely feel good afterwards. When I went I’d just had my mastectomy I think before Chemo started.

The waiting is so annoying. I was diagnosed 11 august 2009 and my first surgery was 11th sept. It did give me time to plan and have our wedding though! Started Chemo in December, bit later than planned because I needed further surgery. Then I had rads in May followed by my reconstruction in October.

Do come along to our Gloucester club, we’ve all been there and know how you’re feeling. We generally have a natter and eat pudding!

Em x

Thanks Em - particularly like the bit about getting together for chat and eating pudding! In the meantime am looking forward to coming out the other side of surgery and keeping fingers crossed that readmission after results of sentinel node biopsy and wide local excision will not be needed.
Bye for now

Thanks for the info Em & Hi Lynne.

I do peek into the Glos thread & know about your ‘meets’. I have considered asking if I could join you some time but wanted to see how the FEC timetable suits.

Lynne, the next LGFB session is the 23rd March. I know that it’s fully booked but they take names for cancellations (oh the joy of our uninvited guests!).

Good luck for your surgery - I had WLE & SNB on 11th Jan then unfortunately had to have re-excision on 25th. I could easily have returned to work within a day or so of surgery, so hope you have the same.

Best wishes both xx Chris xx