Chemo Acne

I’ve stated having acne on my cheeks on my face, I never have spots but these are like teenage acne and pussy and red. Has anyone had this and any idea how I can control them? 

Hi @Typilipala  ,

I was exactly the same through chemo and even had the spots in my scalp. Shaving my hair was a relief as they were so sore. I sent a picture to my GP and they prescribed a short course of antibiotics to help clear them. I ended up having two course throughout my chemo. I just tried to use the most gentlest facial products. 

If it is any consolation, my spots cleared up as soon as my chemo ended. I know it is just another thing to contend with. Chemo is hard enough! 

I hope you get through your chemo ok. Good luck with your treatment. Xx

I have the same EGRF breakout on first cycle ofherceptin and prejeta. My oncologist presecribed antibiotic and this is my third week and skin is clearing up. Not sure if it’s going to come back with my second cycle. We will see 

I had this too with paclitaxel, on my cheeks and nose. Oncologist told me it was ‘grade 1 chemo rash’. Was told to take antihistamines at home. Just took own brand claratin, chemical name begins with an h. Took it daily.

Cleared up withing a fortnight