Chemo after mastectomy

Hi, I am having a mastectomy next week and I will be having chemo after. Does anyone know when the chemo is likely to start?
Beth xx

Hi Beth


I had my mastectomy on the 1st Sept 16 and Chemo started on the 12 Oct so generally about 6 weeks, once you have your dates for chemo there is usually a group you can join and chat with others going through it at the same time, I found this really supportive and helpful.

Hugs and best Wishes

Mary x

Hi Mary,
Thank you for replying, how many rounds of chemo did you have? I know our treatments are individual just would like an idea of how long it will take.
Take care.
Beth xx

Hi beth. I had a mastectomy 6 weeks ago and I’m starting chemo on the 3 may. My is for 18 weeks. I will have the chemo every 3rd week in those 18 weeks.
I got the all clear after my op. they are saying this is precautionary. It’s in case and to make sure every bit is caught. I’m not sure if yours will be the same. We are all individuals. Good luck and hope your ok through your treatment. Big hugs nicki xxxx

Ps they have said I won’t need radiotherapy. However will be put on a hormone drug for about ten years after that. The only thing I’m worried about is will it make me put on weight! ? good luck and all the very best nicki xxxxx

Hi Beth, I’ve had a lumpectomy, but the wounds need to heal and you need your all clear from your consultant. Then you are passed on to your oncologist to discuss your pathway and agree what is to happen. I had to have a CT scan to ensure there was no spread, and a radiation heart check (I’m sure there’s a proper name for this!) to make sure I was ok for the chemo. I’m six weeks in today and starting chemo next week. Oh, and have been for bloods and pre chemo check. A good all round M.O.T - very reassuring, if rather a lot of needles and blue dye! All the best for a good recovery and safe onward journey. X

I had mx 6 weeks ago, clear nodes, staring FEC-T 9 May. Waiting depends on hospital waiting list. I have moved hospitals from Mansfield to Nottingham, still part of same Trust but one has a bigger chemo,unit so can get an start. This was my request and not because of the cancer, just on full pay with work for 6 months then half pay so wanted quicker treatment. 


After Breast consultant is happy with recovery then you get to meet Oncologist, then m4et chemo day ward to go through paperwork. Then given start date. 


Best wishes for Mx, remember to do exercises 3 times a day to get full movement. I was discharged from physio at 3 week check up as had been good.



Thank you all for your replies, it really does help to hear from other ladies with advice/experience.
I have been told that it will also be precautionary to have chemo, I’d rather do all I can to prevent anything coming back. I will also have hormone therapy. Thanks, you have given me a rough idea of when it will start.

Beth xx