Chemo and COVID

Hi, just wondering if anyone has experience of COVID and antiviral treatments while having chemotherapy. I’ve had 2nd of 7 cycles and have been sent a PCR test to keep just in case with instructions to contact hospital if I test positive, I’m 69 as of yesterday’s birthday  Are we at a lot more risk of COVID due to chemo?

Penguin please call your team and follow their guidances regarding covid and your treatments they should have already done this at start of your treatments. Keep safe :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :sparkles: :sparkles: Shi xx

I caught covid just after chemo round 5 of 8. I had a temperature for a few days then a bad cold. It was gone by day 6. I’ve always been healthy and had a good immune system prior to my diagnosis, I’m HER2+. I have had 2 vaccines and my booster and have read today on NHS website 2nd booster is now available for over 75s and those with weakened immune systems, we should be able to book within a few days. There was also something on TV about cancer patients and covid treatment and getting it started by day 5 of covid. Fortunately I didn’t need to. Hope this helps x