chemo and diabetes


I wondered if anyone with type 2 diabetes had problems with managing BMs during chemo, any one want to share experiences



Hi Poppy,

I am also type 2 diabetic. I have no direct experience but I asked the same question a couple of months ago when I wasn’t sure if I would have to have chemo.

Someone said to me some of the drugs they give you with the chemo can affect blood sugar.

I am nearly finished rads at the moment and have found my blood sugars a little higher than normal through the treatment. I can’t find anything on-line about this, but rads have affected my appetite so I am sure there is a connection.


I’m type 2 diabetic, managed by a couple of Metformin tablets a day. Blood sugars go up when I have steroids, then back down again the following week. They said no problem unless long term diabetic and blood sugars stay high. I should be able to monitor with low sugar diet after my chemo ends.

I bought a monitoring kit from Boots for £12

Hi Poppy,

This is not about diabets but was wondering if you had come to a conclusion regarding having chemo.

Deb xxx

Hi Deb

I am waiting for oncotypedx test results which take a few weeks then will make deciscion> How are you doing Fed up of waiting such a big deciscion

Love Poppy x

Thanks Lynda and Dasiey

I found that my blood sugars have gone crazy since diagnosis especially when i had surgery.

diabetes was so well controlled and have had to increase metformin and still not gone back to normal. It is one of the reasons that I am not keen on chemo and having problems making decision. Good luck with your treatment ladies

love Poppy x

Hi Poppy,

Mine also went up for a while after surgery, but they did drop a couple of weeks later.


I have type 2 diabetes and before diagnosis was on 1 gliclazide a day. The chemo etc sent it haywire and am now struggling to keep my blood sugar under control and am on 4 gliclazide and 1 metformin a day. I have had a few blips that have been entirely my fault but even on very good weeks it is high. I see my specialist nurse every 3 months and she is looking at reviewing my medication. I desperatley do not want to start using insulin. She told me that often the pancreas never fully recovers from the onslaught of the chemo drugs.

Hi Cadi

Thanks for being honest

Love Poppy x