Chemo and driving

Finally got my date for first chemotherapy this Friday.   Feeling really nervous now.   Seems very real.  Can anyone advise if they drive after chemo?  Or even later on that same day? Xx

@lou 72  I am very fortunate that I live a mile from my hospital so I walk, but I think I could have driven there and back… although you have no idea how youll be affected or when nausea will hit so maybe for the first one have arrangements in place for a lift home just incase? It will save any worry if you don’t feel right.

I had the cold cap and it caused nausea and headaches so I was quite glad to be walking and not driving  personally x

Hi Lou72….I was told at my chemo pre assessment not to drive myself home after my first chemo because no one really knows how they are going to be affected first time….I actually could have driven myself as it happens….I always felt fine same day as chemo…it was a few days later I felt rough……but people are affected differently ….maybe better to wait and see how you go first time if you are able to get a lift  there? ……hoping all goes well for you

It depends what drug you are having. I know that when I had docetaxel I was told I was not allowed to drive as if you had a breath test you would be over the limit.