Chemo and fasting

I read some research about fasting and chemotherapy.  (I tried to paste links to the articles here, but couldn’t so if you are interested, Google “fasting and chemo.” )

The limited research that has been done shows that fasting makes cancer cells more vulnerable to the chemo, has a protective effect on normal cells, and lessens side effects.  I had my first chemo last Thursday and I’m trying fasting.  I fasted for a total of 67 hours.  I started 36 hours before chemo started and continued until 24 hours after the infusion.  I would love to connect with others who may have tried fasting with their chemo. 




Hi Jan,


there is a recent thread of some people who are thinking (or thought of) trying this here:


You might find it helpful. I am still doing it.




I think I’m going to try it.