Chemo and Incontinence?

Hi,does anyone have any hints and tips on coping with the incontinence side of chemo? About 10-12 days after my chemo I get really bad incontinence for a couple of days, it is driving me nuts. I just get to the point where I feel well enough to venture out and see friends and I get hit with incontinence? HELP PLEASE XX

Sorry haven’t experienced this, but have had a couple of incontinence issues in the past, due to an irritated bladder. I had lots of bladder problems in my teens, at a stage when it was very embarrasing for me. It was usually due to infections. It sounds to me (but I am no medic - do get it checked out by experts!!!) like the chemo is irritating your bladder in some way. Definately mention it they will be able to give you medication to prevent this!

Take care and hope you get it sorted asap - it’s not nice at all,

Nicola xx

I think one of the FEC chemicals can irritate the bladder - can’t remember which one. I suggest you ring chemo unit and ask their advice. Hope you get it sorted - can’t be much fun - oh the joys!

Stella xx

Thinking back I did have a bit of an issue with this - but I just put it down to drinking gallons of water and a nasty cough! It does sound as though it could have been a se - so hope it wears off soon, not an easy one to deal with.


I have to say I thought a couple of bad colds and a severe cough had put paid to my pelvic floor muscles (I have never had a problem before).

Coughing and sneezing are a total lottery at the moment …

when i was on fec when my neutro was low i used to get thrush and burning which could take me a bit short thankfully it only lasted 2 days at a time. Hope you get it sorted.