Chemo and Radio treatments ....Help !!


I’ve recently been diagnosed with invasive ductal and lymph node spread. Had a mastectomy and removed 18 lymph nodes , 2 cancerous . Originally said 30mm lump but after surgery it’s grade 3, 65mm and also High grade DCIS which they say is non travelling . 

I’m going to have chemo , 3 lots of EC90 and 3 lots of Braxzean. Then radio 15 sessions. 

I’ve been ok until today then had a total meltdown thinking it’s gone elsewhere and they aren’t going to cure me . I’m terrified and got myself into a bit of a state. Please help !! 


Cd Lucy, please join the chemo thread that’ll be the chemo thread for when you start chemo, you’ll be with others :two_women_holding_hands: and together you will get through. Also there are rads threads too that you can join when rads comes around There are so many amazing beautiful people through breast cancer now you will never be alone on your journey :two_women_holding_hands: everyone is here for everyone :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :sparkles: :sparkles: Shi xx

Hi CDLucy

I’m sad to hear you’re also going through all this rubbish - but it’s well worth it. Regarding the fear, your cancer was removed by surgery and you’ll probably have further tests like a bone scan, a CT or MRI scan which will reassure you that it’s not spread. If it helps, 19 of my 21 lymph nodes removed were positive for cancer but no test has shown any evidence of spread in the 18 months since, so thank heavens for lymph nodes! Meantime, do not Google anything. It is very harmful and I think everyone would back me on this. Any questions, you can draw on our experience or ring the nurses at the number above, if you can’t access your breast care nurse.

Chemo is not easy for most people but it’s nowhere near as bad as the popular image of it is. You can’t predict if you’re going to bounce back after a few days or feel like a zombie (me); you have to wait and see but please don’t assume the worst. The treatment itself is nothing spectacular, though it seems to take ages (and you’ll have red pee for a day after EC) but the hospital will give you a ‘goody bag’ like a mini-pharmacy to take home with you, preparing for any eventuality, especially constipation like you never knew was possible - drink that water!

You’d have to be superhuman not to feel close to meltdown at times. Thee important thing is to accept that as a perfectly normal, if horrid, reaction. I think that the emotional aspect of treatment is maybe 50% of the hard work and you need to make sure you have a small armoury of strategies, from Rescue Remedy to running, Mindfulness to yoga, ready for the tough times. I got by on Progressive Hypnosis’s Manifest Healing, a relaxation video I’d plug into on YouTube. There are loads there for all emotional issues and you may find something you find useful. There’s also the Calm app.

I hope you’re treatment goes well. The recovery rate for breast cancer is getting higher by the year and your team will know what they’re doing! Take good care of yourself,

Jan x

Hi, I’m new on here.
I have already been through chemo- 6 infusions every 3 weeks.  I had every side effect possible, it seems.  Today I start radiation- 25 days.  Which is a little intimidating.  I had 7 lymph nodes taken and 1 came back with cancer.  It is all scary, but helps to “talk” to others going through the same thing.  I don’t know if this is the place, but I’ve lost my hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes.  Can someone tell me a good eyebrow pencil to use?