Chemo and Take Aways

Hello Ladies

Has anyone any strong feelings on this subject? My booklet recommends not having take away food to help prevent infection, yet nothing about going out to eat in restaurants, which I suppose can be just as dodgy.

Can’t say I do everything by the book anyway and I’ve been fine so far (2nd chemo last Thurs) but interested to hear other peoples views on this.

Best wishes


Hi Val

I continued my life whilst on chemo as normally as possible and yes I went out to eat and had take aways a lot. The things to be careful of are: raw eggs such as in chocolate mousse, soft cheeses and anything which isn’t fresh. It’s a bit like when you’re pregnant and have to be careful with certain foods. I also chose restaurants where I knew the food was fresh and that I’d never had any problems with before.

Ruby x


I’m on my second chemo too and also do eat out - but places i know are safe i.e. no MAC’s. Again its as ruby said just a bit like been pregnant. I always ask how long salads have been out etc. Don’t be afraid to ask.

Take care

I get my second dose of FEC this week, and was given similar advice

To be honest, I’ve taken a broad look at the risks (like I did during pregnancy too), and am only avoiding things which are obviously “mouldy” like mould ripened cheeses

I’m still eating out (even the occassional McD), and having take-aways too, but not from the kebab van!

I’m still haiving soft eggs, so long as they’re lion marked and within date, and will have rare meat so long as I know it’s fresh

I think sensible & moderation are probably the sensible options, Rebecca


My chemo nurse said that if I couldnt see it being cooked then to avoid it. Only just had 1st FEC another 5 to go so it seems along time without takeaway!!!

I will watch this thread closely.


Hi Karen

You not sleeping either!

I’ve had quite a few meals out since first chemo a month ago and, touch wood, haven’t suffered at all. With your nurse’s statement, again I wonder why it is only take aways that is in my book and not meals out? Mind you, I’ve also had pate and soft and mouldy cheeses as I didn’t know any better until I read the book a couple of days ago!

Thanks to everyone for their views on this. A few times since I have been diagnosed folk have likened things to being pregnant, but never having been pregnant unfortunately doesn,t help me much!! Probs why I am eating all the wrong things!

Well, I’m off to bed to read, see if it helps me get a bit shut eye for a change.


The leaflet the hosp gave me told me to avoid rice as well as soft cheese/pate and undercooked eggs, ice cream from a van. I went to an Indian buffet the other day and was aware that some of the dishes may have been hanging around so stuck to mainly veggy.

Louise x

Hi Louise

I would think that rice would be ok if you cooked it and ate it warm but its a bugs paradise once cool especially when re-heated.



Yes karen, sorry, I have rice at home but not when it might have been reheated, as often happens with takeaways

Louise x

Hi Louise

Just read that youve got the ok for tomorrow good luck I will be following you on the 21st with 2nd FEC. Let me know how it goes.

Sending hugs