Chemo and Weight Gain

Chemo and Weight Gain

Chemo and Weight Gain Hi all

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chemo and weight gain
posted on 9.02.07 9:19 pm

Hello, I am new in this forum, and I wonder if I am the only italian here! I have been following your stories for quite some time and I really appreciate the discussions that are carried on here. I so need your help and advice! I have gained more or less 20 kilos when I had chemotherapy the first time two years ago, because of the cortisone treatment they gave me together with taxol and I did not manage to loose them. Then I had a recurrence in the same breast and after a mastectomy I am having chemo again, and despite not eating much because of nausea, and mainly vegetables, my weight is stable, well stable at the obesity level!
I would really love to loose some weight, I know it is not a major side effect compared to the others I got, but it would help me feeling a bit better about myself, since being bald without one boob and obese does not exactly help when you have already so much fear and stress to cope with…sometimes I would love to wear something nice instead of these long baggy stuff , shopping for clothes is a nightmare! With the mastectomy and the fat, I cannot really recognise myself anymore, and undressing or taking a shower is always difficult. My boyfriend has being absolutely lovely, telling me all the time how beautiful I am, so I would like to look a bit better for him as well.
Has anybody had any professional advice about loosing weight after a cortisone treatment? Thanks a lot and sorry for my English!

I think your english is great.
I havent had the cortisone injections and i have put on alot of weight.
it started with the chemotherapy especially this cmf.
Are you on tamoxifen or other drugs as these make you put on weight too. I have also been sent into the menopause another time when women gain weight.
I also eat sensibly and i am hoping that the weight will slowly come off but not too hopeful.

I can sympathise with you but dont know what we can do to lose weight i dont think the medics realise just how awful it is for us as long as they are giving us anti cancer treatment and we are alive they dont seem bothered by the fact we are over weight.


weight loss I have just one more chemo to go on (Wednesday) then rad start on 26 Feb, once it is finished I plan to go on the GI diet. I have got the books ready Living the GI by Rick Gallop. It is healthy eating and I came by it a few years ago when it was recommended to a family member. I have tried it in the past and it does work.

I think we have to eat a balanced diet and exercise. Non of which I could do at present even if I tried. I had chemo on Wednesday and have never been so tired. But this coming Wednesday the Champagne will be out to celebrate the next stage.

Good luck

I haven’t put any weight on, but haven’t lost any either!

I’m being really careful with my diet and keeping a food record. I gave up drinking when I was diagnosed and only have a glass of wine about once a month, as I no longer enjoy it. I thought I would lose loads by giving up wine, but it hasn’t happened. I start rads on Tuesday for 5 weeks and I have been told it’s often normal to lose during that period.

Hi everyone. I’m struggling with weight gain too. I really piled on the pounds during chemotherapy and have just finished radiotherapy (Jan 12). I’m still very fatigued but am eating really healthily. I was very slim before treatment and now I feel fat and uncomfortable, I don’t think Tamoxifen is helping this. It’s making me feel very depressed. Although my weight has stabilised, I wonder if anyone knows whether weight loss will come (with sensible diet and exercise) once my body gets accustomed to not being bombarded with toxic chemicals and steroids? Here’s hoping…

Thank you everyone for replying!
Tawny, after my first treatment was finished, I tried to loose weight doing some exercise in the gym, I always eat very healthily, but I just managed to lose a couple of kilos, even if I did not have any other treatment (I don’t take tamoxifen either). I guess some more exercise (I was going to the gym every day for 30-40 minutes) would have worked…now as soon as I am finished with Xeloda, I will try again, maybe I will try the GI diet that was suggested here. My onc always says I have to loose weight, but I can’t! I was very slim before, and now I cannot even bend down to put my shoes on!

I lost 18 pounds after treatment Hi,

I gained 18 pounds during chemo - a combination of steroids, lack of exercise and eating stodge to fight nausea. I got a great book - very positive called the Genesis breast cancer prevention diet. Written by Dr Michelle Harvie and publised by Rodale I came across it in Waterstones.

Genesis is a Manchester based charity dedicated to reasearching causes of BC and imporance of environment, diet and lifestyle. It is preventative but there is a great chapter of having bc and preventing a recurrence - something we are all deperate to do.

I followed the diet and exercise plan and managed to shift all the weight. I have just had reconstruction and an infection and have already gained several pounds so need to get back on it. I am sure changing hormones now make it much harder to shift weight.

As I am er- and cannot have any other treatment following the book makes me feel as if I have some control.

The book hughsie41 recommended has just arrived! Since completing treatment at the end of 04 - I had been in search of a book that talked about nutrition - specifically focussed at bc (or just c if there was such a thing). My weight was stable (but still above what it should be) during treatment (this was truly a miracle as comfort eating is one of my best features) - and I was fine for a while - but once again my weight has crept up.

So - I’m about to head off for bed with the book - and see what advice lies therein.

Thanks hughsie41 (and amazon for a swift delivery)


diet I am off to Amazon to order the book.

I have ordered the book as well a couple of days ago for Amazon, hope it comes soon!
thanks a lot!

This is the other book I have found Hi,

I really hope you like the genesis book. The other book I used which is alot more technical and is extensively cross-referenced to the latest research is called the breast cancer prevention and recovery diet. It is written by Suzanne Olivier who had breast cancer with extensive lymph node involvement `13 years ago at 30 years old. It has a foreward by A consultant surgeon at the breast care unit at Queen Elizabeth hospital.

It is quite a biggie but very positive and encouraging.

I realise not everyone is into the diet and exercise thing and I have a sweet tooth and find it hard when food was a big comfort - but using these two books has really helped me shift the pounds and I hope it has helped my body recover from all the chemo and surgery.

Hi quattroformaggi

I’m not Italian but just wanted to say I LOVE four-cheese pizzas. Mmmm. You have me drooling now!