Chemo and wigs


Im 42, diagnosed Hormone + Her2-
Recently had two surgeries to remove 2.5cm grade 3 lump, and also non invasive tissue.

Fortunately has not spread to lymph nodes.

Just got news of starting Chemotherapy in the next few weeks then i start anti hormone therapy and radiotherapy.

Apparently in Scotland we get a voucher for a wig, and im sure as a lot of women, loosing all our hair is a big thing!
Just wondering if anyone can recommend a good wig shop, where you can try on etc, that look good but don’t break the bank. As im assuming the voucher from NHS can be put towards one?
I am looking online and do not know where to start!
Thank you !

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:heart:Meg you can also try your MacMillan at your trust who usually have pre loved wigs that you can get for a donation :heart: I also found good ones in shops on high street that do wigs, hair extensions and sell shampoos and oils, makeup etc don’t know if you have any nearby but worth a look if you do :heart: :two_hearts::two_hearts::sparkles::sparkles:Shi xx

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My breast team gave me a leaflet which had contacts for free NHS wigs ( did consultation over Zoom having shared a recent photo with hair style) and small local businesses who would use the NHS contribution to a purchased wig

Both experiences were emotional but the ladies were lovely

I got a free wig but didn’t use it as cold capping helped me keep my hair, although it shedded a lot and i got it cut much shorter

I donated it when my treatment finished

Ask your breast team for a referral

Cancer hair charity have lots of tips and run a very informative session on hair, wigs etc

Good luck

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I’m not sure how it varies based on which part of Scotland you’re in, but in Edinburgh there are only two shops that you can use your voucher in. They should tell you at the hospital what the ‘rules’ are.

I went to LA Hair Solutions in Morningside, and honestly they could not have been nicer. The stylist totally understood the whole experience and all the difficulties, and listened to exactly what I wanted. It was a better experience than I usually have at the hairdressers, despite the emotional turmoil of the situation.

As a total aside, my personal approach was to embrace the fact that it was a wig, and it was going to look like a wig (although actually I’ve seen a lot of very hard-to-tell ones on other people!). I’d just turned 43, and decided I wanted something… purple! :slight_smile: It was that bit of fun with it all, and people just assumed it was dye. I also treated myself to a short blonde one when I needed something less out there, but even at that it was a not-me (I had long, mid-brown hair at the time).