Chemo before mastectomy

I got the results of the biopsy yesterday, I am constantly being told to think positively so I had almost convinced myself that they had made a mistake and the results would be good news.

Unfortunately, yet again, positive thinking didn’t change the news.

Invasive Lobular Carcinoma.

The action plan is as follows:
Today - phone call at 9:30 asking me to come in for pre-op at 10:30 (I was still in bed and the hospital is 30 mins drive) 3 hours at the hospital being questioned about everything, weighed, measured, prodded and bled.
Monday I have to go and be injected with blue radioactive s**t that will turn the lymph nodes in my armpit blue. This will be followed by and xray.
Tuesday I go in for sentinal node biopsy - I may have to stay in over night although I hope not.
Thursday I have to see the oncologist to discuss when I start Chemo.
I will also have to have a CT scan and a bone scan.

I have been told I will have to have about 4 months worth of Chemo followed by a mastectomy.

I am terrified, and think that this is the beginning of the end. I would love to hear from anyone who has been through what I am going to go through.


Debbie I am so sorry for what you are going through. If my experience can help you at all I thought I would share it. I had the blue dye and sentinal biopsy. It wasn’t that bad and I didn’t have to stay in overnight.

I then had chemo before surgery. For me, the chemo was very effective and because the lump was still there I was getting constantly monitored and we watched the lump shrink! It was great to know the chemo was working, I think if you have chemo after surgery you just have to HOPE it’s doing something, whereas I had MRI evidence (and I could feel it myself) of how much it was shrinking with every treatment. That’s the way I chose to look at it anyway!

Another good thing is that I was then able to have less of a surgery. Because the lump was quite big at the start I definitely would have had to have a total mastectomy, as it happened by the time it came to surgery time there was hardly anything left to remove and so I only had to have a partial mastectomy.

There are no two ways about it the next few months are going to be challenging. But there is a lot of support available on here. A year ago I didn’t think I could do it either. It is a horrible place to be in so I just wanted to let you know you are not alone. Very best wishes to you xxxxxx

Hi Debbie - so sorry to see you here but welcome! I have Grade 2 mixed type (invasive lobular & ductal) with +ve lymph nodes. I start chemo on 16th and have had bone scan, ct and go to have tracer coil fitted on Tuesday. I am having FEC-T so expect it to be a bit rough, then have to have surgery and rads but at the end I will be healthy and cancer free (+ve thinking!!!). This is the only outcome I am prepared to consider as otherwise what is the point of going through all this crud!! Just take each day as it comes if possible and deal with them one at a time. Many people in this site will offer advice and support so keep posting and just allow yourself to feel whatever comes. Sending lots of support and best wishes.

Fi xxx

Hi Debbie- I too have had all these tests recently and have the same diagnosis as you ,with a 10cm tumoour. It is worrying but i have just had my first chemo on Tuesday and although felt a bit rough till now i feel really ok today. We all go threw the rollercoaster of emotions and it sucks. However the only option is positive thinking and i have been fine so far. Keep busy and keep talking and u will get threw this.
Fondest wishes