Hi all, I am 43, diagnoised with BC in 2006 at 37. Lump. Chemo and Rads… then again at 41 in Left Breast…lump, chemo, rads again… My Point and question is… I used to have a great memory!! I retained that in 2007 but after more and more chemo and my treatment., I feel I cant remember the simple things… As a Manager… I am starting to think they are taking advantage of this,My Question is …Does anyone else feeel that their brain doesnt work… iam struggling cos the first time my brain was fine… but second time is soooo different .

I rest my case… just read that back and it is soo not me… but very concerned about the fact my “brain” doesnt work. Hope u guys r ok xx

Hi F1Fan,

I’m on my 1st (& hopefully only) lot of chemo and I’m dreading going back to work in the Spring as my memory is all over the place! Concentration levels are down and everything takes me do much longer - not good when your an accountant & could be asked for critical info quickly!

I too am 43 & an F1 fan but this year I couldn’t concentrate on the races :frowning:

Good luck


Hi F1Fan,
Chemo brain is real - and “mild cognitive impairment” is now officially recognised. I did some research into this whilst having my chemo (sad but true) and discovered the phenomena was first reported by women being treated for breast cancer who were dismissed as being menopausal and what did they expect! I had chemo at 47 (3FEC then 3T) and found the FEC fogged my brain for a few days during chemo but was afterwards OK. I am now just over a year past the end of chemo and my short term memory is not what it was, nor my concentration as good as it used to be. Prior to treatment I was ‘breezing’ through a research degree (sorry, that sounds arrogant) but took an exit qualification after my diagnosis - I’m so glad I did as my brain seems slow these days.

The bits of research I did into chemo brain suggest we ought to adopt strategies like making lists… helloooo we have chemo brain we’re not suddenly stupid and unable to work that much out ourselves!

I’d say my brain is getting better, but will it get back to where it was… only time will tell.

Sorry not to be able to say ‘it’ll pass’ but you’re younger than me so hopefully it will.

Hi F1Fan,

Glad I’m not the only one then! I’m in my 20s, but my memory and concentration and energy levels make me feel like an old granny!

I’m on my 3rd kind of chemo now. Having secondaries, side effects of chemo is something I have to learn to live with. Writing things down is a good start. But with my type of job, the chemo fog really slows me down and makes me struggle to meet deadlines.

Not sure that helps, just let you know that you’re not alone. And but the way, your staff taking advantage is NOT acceptable.

M xx

So far I only had 2 FEC’s and I find that my brain is just not quite as sharp. Only little things and others don’t notice it but I do. My mum says maybe I’m not quite so with it because my mind is occupied so much with the cancer just now. I don’t know.

christine xx

Hi F1Fan

I finished chemo in May last year and have found I have used a dictionary more in the last twelve months than at any other time of my life. I make lots of typos and have to check everything twice. I have trouble dredging up information which I know that I know.

Here is link to an article you may find interesting.

Don’t despair - all the best x

I really don’t want to worry you but I finished treatment (chemo) in Dec 2008 and whilst I’m feeling great in most respects, my memory etc sucks!

Luckily (??) I was made redundant otherwise I simply couldn’t do my job. I was a manager and had a very intricate job, which I did without thinking before.

I was very lucky because there’s no way I could do the same job now. I can’t think of simple words (what’s the vegetable called that looks like a carrot but is pale - I asked my hubby last week, & what’s the name of the place that you go to when you’re poorly). Just daft things. Need to keep lists for everything.

But I’m doing great in every other respect. I do think they underestimate the power of chemo.

As I say I’m lucky. I couldn’t imagine going back to my old job - I just couldn’t do it.


Oh yes, I get to the top of the stairs and wonder what it was I went up there for!

Hoping it will pass with time.