Chemo burns?

Hi All,

I don’t know if it’s just me, but since I have been having Taxotere I have had some sores come up on my back, just the left side where the cancer is. They aren’t particuarly painful but itch and as I have scratched them I now how awful brown scars over my back, which will look lovely when the summer comes and I would have liked to wear strappy tops.

I know this all sounds quite revolting, and I do apologise but I wanted to know if anyone else had had any - or am I the only lucky one!!

Love to you all,

Tracy xxx

Not sure they are burns. I had a massive chemo burn on my hand and wrist 7-10 days after my last Taxotere which required me to be hospitalised for a week; the burn occured due to a vein in the back of my hand puncturing. I had to have it photographed and a medical paper is being written about it.

Taxotere does really awful things. I had no trouble with my skin all the way through rads and 2 weeks after going on Taxotere the skin broke down and started weeping. It also stank to the point that my GP said he would take my word for it! Not sure if I could cope with the side effects of it again, the severe fatigue and joint pains were horrific. I had 3x Herceptin at the same time and my onc told me afterwards combining the 2 makes it worse. Hope you don’t have too many to go.

Hi Cherub,

Thanks for your reply, I don’t think my ‘sores’ are burns after reading what you have gone through - I hope you are feeling a lot better now. I only have one Taxotere to go now ( would have had 4 in total, preceded by AC which stopped working). I am booked in for a masectomy on the 16th January, then 5 weeks of rads followed by Herceptin then recon.

I also had the joint pains with Tax and felt like I had gone 12 rounds with Mike Tyson at times, but it does seem to be getting easier now and I can’t wait for 21st December when I complete chemo.

I wish you the very best of luck,


Same to you, hope the surgery etc goes well. I have just abother 6 Herceptins to go, so nearly finished and I have a new job to start in Jan, so life is picking up again. I feel very fortunate at the moment.