chemo curl

hi, just wondering how long it takes for hair to lose the “chemo curls”. - im not embracing mine at all

My curls are getting worse, heading to the hairdressers on Friday to get some of them snipped off…x.Finished chemo May 2018, finished herceptin Feb 2019. 

I finished chemo in June 18 and it took until Jan this year to get a hair cut. Since then I’ve had it cut 2 more times and I’ve noticed the curls have suddenly gone to waves. There again that could be the drugs I am on. What’s weird is the 1st time I had chemo back in 2003 I didn’t get “chemo curl”



Hi tattyed :heart::heart: I’ve found that Aussie miracle moisture and then the L’Oréal serum good followed by the straighteners after drying works well ??also getting it straightened at the hairdressers a few time too helps ??the curls have driven me ???but then you know I was ???anyway we have to just go through this Suzie Quattro mullet to get it long enough to straighten ??you can do it, I know you can beautiful ???:sparkles::sparkles:Shi xx