Chemo deferred - low white count advice please ladies

Hi Ladies - Feeling down - a phone call this afternoon putting back chemo number 3 (tomorrow ) for a week, neuts 1.04. Its the first time its happened so there’s questions i haven’t asked - as ever hope you can advise.

What if next week its still too low?
At what stage would they give an injection?
Does it happen often or not?
Having happened this time does that mean its likely to again

Thanks ladies - i’m very down about it and worried about what it might mean - disproportionately so!

Hi Lynvee
I had low neuts a couple of times during my chemo 2 years ago. After the first time I was given GSCF (sp?) injections to do at home, can’t remember the exact days you gave them on but it was for 5 consecutive days. If you are offered them your GP or nurse can give them if you are squeamish. This did help and I just about scraped over the minimum readings to be allowed my chemo a week late. Normally your neuts should pick up by the following week anyway but as mine were very low even at the beginning the injections did help make sure almost all the others were on time. It is very frustrating to say the least as I had a date in mind when chemo would be over and this of course ended up being a later date than I wanted. However the only thing I did was to make sure I had few treats on the extra ‘good’ week before I had the next lot of chemo.
Good luck
Nicky x

I had neulasta injections after every chemo.I still had very low neuts after chemo8,the last one,but otherwise my blood count stayed up.I’d ask your onc about jabs now if I were you.
Good Luck

I didn’t have low neuts, but had two lots of chemo delayed for other reasons. My onc was at pains to point out that the delay wasn’t a problem.

I also had the neulasta injections after every chemo, and neuts were always in normal range.

hi lynee
i had my 2nd chemo (lyposomal ac, i know you’re having ac) delayed as neuts 0.8 but they were up to 2.2, 5 days later so fingers crossed for you too…
couldn’t find much info on anything we can actually do but did take manuka honey 10+(sains do own label at £6.49,) & try to go for a daily walk
i’m now given granocyte injections for 5 days following chemo but this time (4th) only 1.2 even with jabs but i can have chemo so long as over 1.0
such a pain being delayed as we all just want it to be over but better to be safe than sorry…
hang in there!
sending you a hug
jk x

So sorry to hear your news Lynn, I was about to PM you tonight in anticipation of your next chemo session tomorrow…
You must be gutted with so many questions too.
I hope the support you’ve received here today will go some way to help you recognise you are not alone. Keep asking the questions (if you have the energy!) and find out as much as you can about your situation. I’m sure you’ll want to get started as soon as possible and not get too behind with your schedule. I really hope you can receive news very very soon so that you feel empowered again.

The waiting and the lack of definite knowledge is so debilitating for all of us and I’m not surprised you’re feeling upset and low today. Keep strong and let us know any news about your readings. I’m thinking of you very strongly from the south of England!!!

Take a big hug from Welsh girl xx

Hi Lynvee,

Sorry to hear, uve been put back, Ive just scraped through my second FEC, due to a chest infection.
Im not sure but I have to inject Granocyte on day 7 and day 11. Is it because im on FEC???.

This neuts thing is so confusing and dam worrying, as if we havent got enough to worry about.

Try and keep your chin up and good luck x


Hi,I am on E-CMF chemo. I had a mouth infection (had high temperature) and the white blood cells count was 0.1 in the second week of my first EPi Chemo, and was in hospital for five days. The counts came up only after given a GCSF injection. I have been given one GCSF injection (24 hrs after each chemo, done by myself) since the second chemo, and my white blood cells counts have been normal since. It would be worth to ask your consultant about it.

Take care

Hi Lynn

dont’ worry too much about it - it happened on my third FEC too (i’ve now finished chemo and rads). The blood count will rise very quickly so you’ll be alright next week. I had a count of 0.6 and 5 days later it was 11 (ok, I had an infection so it went really high, but shows what the body can do). I had the next chemos followed by 7 days of granocyte injections to keep the blood count high - which they did. I did the injections myself after being shown and it was no big deal.

Enjoy a week’s reprieve - make the most of it and then start again refreshed next week. (I spent the week in hospital with an infection in my hickman line, but that’s a bit unusual).

take care


Hi Lynn

My treatment was 6 years ago, and only the first 2 of eight were straightforward. The third was put back because of low neuts (this is a very common problem), and after that I was given GCSF(?) injections which I did myself at home. To start with 3 mid cycle, but progressively it got worse and 2 further treatments were postponed, and by the end I was having 10 injections.

However as my oncologist said, these are a brilliant drug which does what it says on the tin, and with their help I completed my treatment. They are expensive so you may need to push for them.

The fact that it was delayed 3 times does not matter too much, I was told, and anyway I am still here!



Thanks to everyone who responded, appreciated it as ever. Guess what?
i had chemo today! Onco decided to risk it - all very last minute and certainly hadn’t had as much water as usual and certainly would have the given the half bottle of wine a skip (last night - not this morning) He advised if the nuets are really low next time ie the last one,they’ll defer.Injections were discussed but his preference was to “let the bone marrow do its own thing in its own time” maybe a euphemism for “we’ve nae money” Thanks again

ps. off to collapse in a heap.

I am also on a course of six injections to increase the white blood count. I’ve had my third chemo and this time I am feeling the fatigue and am very down. Has anyone experienced side effects from the injections? I had a very bad night with severe spasms in what I think is my bowel area, lots of painful flatulence and yet not constipated. I feel discomfort in the area of my back passage and feel I want to go to the toilet but there’s nothing there. I don’t know if it the result of the chemo or a reaction to the injections. I’ve been careful about what I’ve eaten today as i don’t want a repeat of that pain in the early hours. It has eased off now so perhaps it was just irritable bowel. Any ideas?

Hi ado

I so feel for you it is horrid to be kept awake because of the pain. I experienced this occasionally during chemo but could not trace the problem exactly - think it was just the chemo. Sorry no advise but hope you get a peaceful, pain free night tonight.

Anne x

hi Lynvee

Try Manuka honey - I am convinced it keeps my neutrophils up :slight_smile: but thats my personal thoughts :slight_smile:


Hi Zippy - haven’t tried manuka but have been taking Lifemel honey @ £37.50 a jar - so much for that then!!!



From what ive heard that honey is overated ? but thats just what ive read, not tried it myself.


Hi Lynn

It’s odd that you haven’t been given the Neulasta injection to do at home - I had thought it was pretty standard practice - I had it through FEC and TAX, and all the other ladies I see have too. Do you think it is worth pushing for it - it certainly works - my neuts were never below normal levels when tested…

Hi, I’ve just finished my course of 6 FEC’s and each one from number 2 from deferred for a week because of low neuts. Its a real pain as I used to organise my socila life around it, then ended up cancelling as chemo date moved. My whole chemo cycle ended up finishing a month later than first anticipated.
I never had, or was offered an injection, once the cell count starts to rise on its own it goes up quite quickly, so a weeks deferral is quite normal.
I tried Manuka honey and it didnt work.

Have been looking at Lifemel honey today and it is really highly recommneded for chemo. The only drawback is the cost. Is it just another gimick? I don’t know. I cannot make simple decisions at the moment and feel so slow in all that I say and do so I daren’t go and buy it I’m sure to regret it. At least the sun is shining.I am not even going to think about my number 4 in two weeks time. As with all of us we want it over but don’t want to go through it.

Please don’t waste your money on Lifemel honey : it is a complete con! I think I must have had chemo brain to allow my OH to spend such a ridiculous amount of money on a miniature jar of honey- although at least he only did it once!

It really does NOT make any difference what you eat or drink during chemotherapy as regards your low white cell count.

If it wasn’t so expensive they would just give us ALL the Neulasta jabs each cycle ( as I was given after one low count )- that’s the only way to help our battered bodies to recover from the poisons of chemo.

Jane, I really feel for you; deferring each of your cycles seems bizarre- and must completely muck up your calendar of ‘good days’ …and extend your treatment period as well.
If it was me , I would complain!