Chemo delay

Think im being over concerned but i was due to start my 1st chemo tomorrow and get my bloods checked today but cant get to the hospital due to the snow and now im panicking that i have to wait another week. I was diagnosed on 3rd Nov had a mastectomy on 16th November. My tumor was 2.8cm, no node or vascular involvement and was triple negative. I was due to start Tac tomorrow. Im 30years old and keep coming to tearms with being triple negative but panick at any set back. Any advise would be appreciated x

Hi Pinny,

I’m no expert but I doubt that waiting another week will make much difference to your prognosis, although of course I can fully understand your frustration. If the weather is ok tomorrow and you can make it to the hospital it may be that you have your bloods checked first thing, wait for the results and then hopefully your chemo can go ahead. I did that in the past when the previous days bloods were too low and they tested them again on the morning of the chemo.
I hope the snow clears and good luck with your treatment.
Liza x

Thank you Liza. I asked if i could go in tomorrow but they said it would be next week now, im probley over reacting but i got myself geared up for tomorrow and now i just feel frustrated. x Vicki

I am triple neg too.I had my op 24th Oct 2006 but didnt start chemo till the first week in December.The docs said it made no difference at all to prognosis.

Thanks Horace, thats made me feel alot better. Ive read your previous posts in Triple neg thread when i first got diagnosed and you have helped give me hope that i can get through this so thank you x

Just want to sympathise with you. I was diagnosed 8 Dec and was due to have lumpectomy and nodes removed on TUesday so I was ready to leave at 0700 but it was all cancelled due to the snow. I have a new date as of today but its not for another 10 days. Its difficult when you’re all keyed up for soemthing so important.
I’m trying to keep busy and deal with frozen pipes etc.
We’ll get through this.

Thanks sandripples,
Im keeping my fingers crossed for us both that there will be no more snow. Were going to book into a hotel on monday night just in case as we live over an hour away from Western Park hospital and i really need to get this chemo started for peace of mind. I really hope your lumpectomy goes well and you recover quickley. As you say we will get through this, best wishes x

Hi there

I realise how awful any delays must be for you. However you did have your mastectomy very quickly - only 13 days after diagnosis. I didn’t start any treatment for a month after diagnosis and I don’t think that’s unusual.

I had chemo first, then surgery and then further chemo. After first chemo I had a wait of 5 weeks for surgery (soonest they could do) then over 2 months for next chemo as my wound reopened.

Delays happen for all sorts of reasons and it’s terrible while you’re going through it all. I have been reassured that the odd week here or there really won’t make much difference in the scheme of things.

Good luck with all your treatment.
Elinda x