Chemo delayed again

This is my first time posting but have been lurking for a while!
I am 27 and was diagnosed last September with an invasive, triple negative something or other (still get lost in the terminology…) and have the dodgy BRCA1 gene.
I’ve had 3 rounds of EC so far without much trouble and just started on weekly Taxcitel and 3 weekly Carboplatin.
However today is the 3rd time I’ve had a delay in my chemo due to bloods not being right despite feeling pretty chirpy. This, combined with a change in regime has added 2 months on to my chemo time and it’s starting to seem like I’ll be doing this all year at this rate.

Has anyone else has continual delays and any advice on dealing with the constant uncertainty of not being able to plan anything?

Im meant to be getting married in a year so very much want time to recover from a double mastectomy and grow some hair again!

Hi Becca,


sorry about your delays.


i have had a lot of allergic reactions to chemo and 1st, 2nd and 3rd rounds of chemo have all been delayed by one week. My 4th round will have been delayed by two weeks. Personally I don’t mind as I have needed my body to recover for longer between each round. You could look at it as a positive as your body is recovering more before the next one.xx



Yes I have had low blood counts and mine got so low they stopped my chemo altogether in the end. They start by reducing your dose or giving you longer in between and see how that works. Sometimes you are OK when they do either/both.