Chemo delayed due to low bloods


my daughter managed 3 x 3 weekly sessions and was on session 8 of 12 weekly ones when her chemo was stopped due to 

low neurophils 

The week after it was Ok again but this week it’s been stopped again due to the same thing 

Is there anything she can do herself? She has 3 children and still working 

Also will this have a negative effect on the chemo results ? 

 She is   worried  sick  the cancer is spreading and that it won’t be as strong Also, is this normal? To keep missing chemos? Any advice please? Xx

Hi Stayingcalm

I can’t answer your question maybe post your question in the ask the nurses section, they maybe able to guide you.

I don’t know her financial position but wonder if she is getting overtired looking after 3 children and working, would she be able to stop off work for 3 or 4 weeks to see if that has any effect?


Joemic x 

Hi StayingCalm


Sorry to hear your daughter is experiencing problems with her neurophils (the things that most people never even know they have - unless you go through chemo then it all changes!) - I had chemo in May 2017 and I was an active member of the May 2017 chemo starter group - there was a lady in our group who had terrible troubles with her neurophils - she’s now a Community Champion - Mai7 - I’m in contact with her now on Facebook, so I’ll send her a message and see if she’s able to come on here and give you some advice…  x

My neutrophils have been low too but i take steroids the day before the dayoff and the day after chemo and when they re check them on the day of chemo the steroids have boosted them.

Dont know if thats an option for you.

Hi stayingcalm, sorry to hear your daughter is getting stressed about the delay.  I had several delays whilst on chemo due to low neutrophils and when I did finally get in the chair it was a reduced dose and I’m still here!  I was on filgrastim injections but still suffered.  The only other thing I’ve read in the news is LifeMel honey.  If you google it you’ll find several news articles and interviews on it.  I didn’t find out about it until too late but a friend took it and after having low neutrophils hers normalised.  Here’s my story which you can share with your daughter.  It may give her some comfort and reassurance:

Hi Stayingcalm, I’m sorry to hear your daughter is having such bother. She will naturally want to get on with her treatment, but of course she must be safe. I had the same bother during my chemo and so my dose was reduced . I also had filigrasten injections to force the bone marrow into producing infection fighting white blood cells and neutrophils. I’m on Palbociclib now as I have secondaries, and that crashes my neuts too. My Onco says there’s nothing he, or I, can do. Just eat sensibly, be patient and try to get the right dosage to do the job. I have had forced rests from my drugs, but I’m very pleased to tell you my tumours are stable and haven’t grown - even though I’m on the lowest dose possible. It’s very important to stay infection free when vulnerable, so perhaps you could help  by doing child care, or shopping, or cleaning? Anything to keep your daughter germ free. Best wishes to you both. X