Chemo effects

I’m new to this forum and have had third chemo of six two days ago.(FecT)I had 25 mm tumour one breast, no lymph involvement, triple negative.Will be having lumpectomy and radiotherapy too.its been tolerable apart from one or two alarming things .I’ve been lucky not to be too nauseous and no vomiting and on both previous cycles most side effects clear after 7-8 days.Have had bad headaches 2-3 days after each treatment especially round face and ears front if head settling in sinuses .Last night my face became read and patchy and a bit puffed up too.I am having steroids for 4 days after chemo and self injecting something to boost white blood cells so I guess the reaction could be to any of those things but I wondered if others had experienced this. Temperature normal by the way so not thinking need to rush off to A and E.

Hi - Noticed you hadnt had a reply and just wanted to say finished chemo start of July and had ‘chemo face’ - bright red about third day post chemo xxx  However, do ring the unit if you are worried about anything - I reckon I had most side effects going and was definitely not a marathon runner during chemo (first three cycles only one good day then they reduced my dose)  xx  I took paracetomol for headaches (just checked temp before etc) - also had white cell injections.   hang in there !!! 


Thanks JETS.Reading people’s comments on here just makes one realise how individual our responses are. Thankfully the redness and puffiness went down next day. Was relieved as was 120 miles from home!!Picking up a bit now just got the constipation and horrible taste in mouth to contend with!!!

Hi I… Yes ring your unit and see what they say , I was told the injections shouldn’t have side effects, I’ve had the worse cough n cold but no temp , hopefully you will feel “normal” soon as I’m not sure what normal is after only one cycle … I’m bk on Monday for my second, but we are all doing great and fighting xxx

I too am triple neg with a 27mm Tumour with no lymph nodes involved having just had first chemo last week. Also having terrible headaches and and daughter keeps asking me why my face is red. Thinks is probably quite normal. My problem has been major wind and upset tummy. Hope things get better for you New