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I was diagnosed at the end of October with stage 3 invasive ductal carcinoma, in my breast, underarm lymph nodes and some cells in the node in my neck by my collar bone. I was told chemo was the way forward and put on a regimen of FEC-T. After 3 sessions of FEC and feeling reasonably good, I was nervous about starting the T. Unfortunately this seems to have been quite founded as I’ve been aching from head to toe since day 5, been absolutely shattered, have acid reflux/heartburn and a mouth full of ulcers. I’m not so worried about all this, it’s just at the end of it I have still got the prospect of surgery and I wondered if anybody had any tips to prepare for this in advance?

Evening Colandmia


There are a few girls on The New Year Newbie thread who are just starting the same regimen as you are on.  I had the same November 2012 - End Feb 2013 and then surgery Mid April 2013.


So glad you’ve tolerated the Fec but i think generally the Tax is  a bit tougher, as you say mouth ulcers and aches / pain. 


I had Chemo with a few other ladies and our surgeries were all approx 5/6 weeks after end Chemo which gave us time to rest and recover from the Chemo and make any practical plans.  During those weeks i had a couple of nights away with my Sister, defrosted freezer???  Why do i feel the need to defrost my freezer in any crisis???   4/6 weeks appears to be pretty standard.


Hope all goes well with the rest of your treatment.   Take Care   Gilly x  

Hi Colandmia 

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