Chemo fog / chemo brain / Fibromyalgia / fatigue / ill health retirement pension


Hi everyone.


Since treatment (finished spring 2014) I have had real bad problems concentrating / remembering things / taking things in / finding words. It hasn’t changed at all. No improvement. 


I gave up work before Dx but try to keep my brain active - eg scrabble / quizzes etc… but anything exhausts me, even doing this will ! And i have to sit or lie down staring into space!


My questions are


  1. if anyone has had similar can you feel it in your head? I can  - it’s  like a dull feeling (on my right side of my head, in fact I am sure it’s no coincidence that my hickman line was on the right side and all my side effects seem worse on the right side)


  1. has anyone managed to get a local government pension released early on the grounds listed above? (I’m 54 but left the job at 51) the job was senior mismanagement level and very focused and analytical. My oncologist is happy to support me in my application (she thinks given there has been no improvement since treatments it’s unlikely to improve enough for me to be at the level I was (cognitively speaking)


I don’t have access to occ health as I don’t work there any more but at least have support of onc and GP







Hi Angiebobs,


I’m sorry to hear that you are still struggling with these symptoms.


I finished my treatment in June 2014, am about the same age as you and can relate to many of the symptoms you have mentioned.  I forget words, appointments, names (well just about everything really) am not as quick thinking and get tired very easily.  The conclusion I have come to is that these are mostly menapausal symptoms exasperated by the chemotherapy and now the tamoxifen. Many of my non BC friends  are also going through the menapause too and quite frankly we’re all as batty as each other forgetting all sorts.


As for work, I took voluntary redundancy last year and am really glad I did.  I feel like I would be a liability if I tried to do the job I had before, I don’t trust myself to think clearly and quickly. Some of my BC friends also feel the same.  The lack of brain function has knocked our confidence in the work environment.


Local government pensions can be taken early or on the grounds of ill health but I don’t know the process for this.  I attended the BCC moving forward course last year and a finance person from BCC (I think) gave a chat on what benefits etc we might be entitled too  - I’m sorry I can’t remember exactly but if you contact BCC directly they would be able to put you in touch with someone to help.



Big hugs