Chemo for grade 2

As a result of a sky high oncotype I’m looking at chemo now . I’m terrified of it totally phobic about hospitals etc. however I’ve been reading here it works on rapidly dividing cells . Grade 2 don’t divide that quickly ? So is it in vain do you think ?  Especially since hormone positive which is slow growing anyway ? 

Grades are subjective. Someone is literally looking at a cancer cell and counting and measuring. So yeah it’s quite possible another lab might give you another grade. I was grade 3 with all labs but the individual things to measure in order to determine a grade 3 differed. One had my mitosis a 2, another had my nuclear features a 2 and then one had them all rated at 3’s. Anyway doctors prefer to follow the oncotype report since that’s more removed from human bias. If your oncotype score recommends chemo then that’s what they are going to go with.