chemo here i come...

Mmmm… that is what I am thinking also Td!
If I get my hair cut short, and try the cold-cap, and it still falls out, then if I go to a wig-thing similar to my style now - everyone will know!
I would then have to have a short-haired wig!
However, if I leave my hair as it is, accepting that it will go, then I can have it cut off, and wig styling at the same time.

My hair is very thick, so not sure if the cold cap would help me anyway. I have heard that when it works, the hair just becomes very thin anyway - hair doesnt get replaced.
My hair is very very dark, and I would have white patches, unless I dyed my scalp!

All confused though, cos I still dont have my path report yet.
However, I do try to plan ahead!


Thank’s Td

yea i know what you mean…
sal x

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Jo, Facilitator

I start Chemo on 9th June after a trip to Egypt for a week with eldest daughter. I get back on 8th.Bit wary in case holiday goes wrong, had problems getting insurance BC not covered and only just stopped having seroma drained.

Babs - be very very careful in Egypt with water - even ice. Don’t have ice.Be careful with salad (washed in water… wash your own salad with bottled water) Make sure the bottled water is sealed - don’t let the vendor open it for you!! I had dysentry in Egypt - that would postpone your chemo!! Take wet wipes for your hands and clean them often. I’m probably teaching you to suck eggs here - bet you’re a seasoned traveller!!! But just a thought!

Sal - just read your other thread! So much about hair - it;s like we’re more concerned with hair than breasts - it’s so VISIBLE though isn’t it!

Love Td x

Hi Sally
I seem to have missed all your other posts so here goes…
I’m Lauren and was dx on 25th April with ductal invasive grade 3 & also in situ (pre cancer cells all around the tumor) lump in all 7cms and 9 of 14 lymphs involved!! Massive shock at 25yrs old (even for the consultant)and still breastfeeding etc…Anyway…Had a mastectomy on 2nd April and had 1st chemo (EC) last tuesday. Next session is same day as yours 10th June…So, would be great to update each other afterwards! Not anywhere near as bad as expected and i am a little wuss even after 2 kids!! Wear something comfy, chill out maybe take a magazine and you’ll be fine… I was…
Lots of Hugs.x.x.


i’m so sorry to hear that …mine was invasive ductal carcinoma grade 2, one lymph node infected out of four…had two tumor’s 56mm and 47mm did’nt have mastectomy just had lump removed… i found the cut under my arm was the worst pain and still very sore but i can wash my hair now how long for i dont know…

well lauren how are you dealing with all this ??? i hav’nt been the same since i found out …just wish i could turn back the clock and be my old self…as do you i expect…

i hope you will fly through your chemo as you have two little one’s to deal with …

well please keep me posted

lot’s of hug’s back to you

sal xx

Hi all

I’m Helen, I’m new to the website, I just wanted to say hello to you all. I was diagnosed with Stage 1 Grade 3 breast cancer in March, I’ve had a WLE and re-exision as margins weren’t completely clear, thank goodness no node involvement. I’m 34 with 3 children. I am starting my chemo on friday (30th May) and I’m absolutly frightened as can be!! Just reading all of the comments posted on here makes me realise that (even tho I know I’m not alone here) I’m definately not alone, all of the things said I’ve said myself. I bought my wig today even tho I’m giving the cold cap a go I want to be prepared, my biggest fear of the chemo is loosing my hair…which is probably the least thing I should be worrying about!! Anyway it’s half term in Wales so the kids should keep me busy until the dreaded day.
Keep positive ladies … even though it’s hard that’s whats getting me through all of this.

Luv to u all
Hel xx