chemo here i come...

hi every one

well i start my chemo on the 10th june… so im doing all i can befor this start’s as i dont know how this is going to kick me around…
the thought of sitting there having it put into my veins is scary…
but i know it is for the good of me but still scary…

is there any thing i should be told or think of to help me get my head round all this


Hi Sally,
Try and pretend it’s just a saline drip or something - mostly you get no odd feelings from it at all while it’s going on.

I’ve bumped up the thread on ‘top tips for chemo’ - it’s full of all sorts of first hand advice and has guided many of us through the difficult ‘rite of passage’ of the first round. A a bit of shopping therapy for some of the items listed generally gives a bit of a laugh. It certainly made me feel that I had a bit of control over an otherwise uncontrollable situation. Best, best of luck,
M-L x

hi mallysally,

i go to see the chemo doc on June 4th to discuss my chemo . looks like we’ll be starting chemo about the same time. i feel scared about it too.

Ann x

hi vodka

yea i know what you meen…

i see my oncology next tuesday and start the following tue , which will be the 10th…

so i dont really know what type of chemo i will be having …as i read the post on here, i can see
that there are all sort’s…
well ann hope you get on ok with your chemo keep me posted if you don,t mind and i will let you know how i get on…

take care
sal x


many thanks for the tip
sal x

Hey Vodka & Mally,

I’m off to see the onc on 4th June too… a little trip together! I feel fortunate also that the woman in the bed opp. me in hospital will be on the same ride at the same time too. She had WLE so is recovering much quicker than me - I had mx, LD flap recon. Having probs with seroma - can’t put arm down & it’s bh… OH WELL!
Will def look at top tips. Burying my head at the mo though!

Td x

Hi Sally

Good to see you posting. I saw your other thread about whe you first got dx. Do you know much more about this bugger tumour yet?

I know the thought of chemo is pretty scary but I tried hard to look at it as a positive thing in as far as it will kill any stray cells etc.

Let us know how it goes Sally ok

Good luck


Hi Ann

yea defo keep in touch be nice to bounce off each other…

had a good day yesterday till last night then i fell apart

so did your opp go ok ???
did you have any lymph nodes taken out if so was your arm bluddy sore cus mine was…
then i had to have my boob drained on friday and the doc took a 1 ltr
out …

i find it good to talk about it …well at the mo i do

well bye 4 now

sal xx


have you had op etc then??

P x

Hi paula43
yea got my results on friday
wasnt as good as i wanted but there you go … i had 2 tumas one was 56mm and the other was 47mm i was shocked to know there was 2…

i had one lymph node infected out of 4… when the doc told me i broke down…
and it is grade 2 eastrgen it thats how you spell it…

so where are you at paula ???

drop us a line

sal xx

Hi Sal

I had lumpectomy twice as they never got clear margin the first time and all lymph glands removed. my arm is sore but i try to keep the exercises going. i have had to go back a four days after drain was removed to get more drained of, that was 4 days ago and now it looks like a 3rd bood growing from under my arm. i don’t think the bcn work at weekends so i’ll have to phone them tomorrow and get this thing drained again.
a litres a lot to get out, wonder what they’ll get out of me this time.
Take care all.
Ann x


well as you said about going down twice for opp i mite have to have another opp as there was a shaving on my margin …but i wont find out till friday… the cancer nurse is going to phone me…
i hope i dont have to go back in but if i do then its for the best…it upset me friday when i went back as i was hoping that they would say its all clear now, but i would rather go back in and have a nother opp then just leave it as you mind play,s trick,s on you…

keep me posted

sal xx

Hi waitingangle

As i am new to all the sort term logo,s im not quite understanding it…
so i don,t mean to be thick but need to educate myself a bit more i think…
so where are you at td… have you started chemo???

and what have you had ??? in the opp

sal x


when i was told i had to get a second op i broke down the same as did when i was first told i had bc. It is a lot to go through both physically and emotionally. your mind does play tricks on you and anything no matter how small you think or how trivial you feel something is get it checked.
i found another lump in my other breast the morning before i went to see the surgeon for my post op check and i told him about it and said i felt i was a bit paranoid at the moment and he just smiled and said i’m allowed to be, he was so nice about it and reassuring, he checked the lump anyway and it’s the size of a pea but i’ve to get an ultrasound on that side now.
i know how you feel waithing for that call, i’ve been there and i know how worrying it is. take care and as hard as it is not to - try not to worry, please.

Ann x


you and me both, i’m still trying to get to grips with all the jargon too. pity they don’t give you a leaflet when you get dx with all that in it to stop confusion, eh!.

Hi Ann

many thank’s to you for comming back to me… i seem to be on here all day to day finding comfort and some one to bounce off… it’s hard to get your head round as you think you are the only one going through this but the day i signed on to this site i could’nt beleave how many other’s are in this sad place to but i must admit it is helping me no end…
do you find that it helps you Ann??? i hope so .

many thanks Ann


hey … sounds like things are moving on for sal you which is good. One chemo done is one less to do. Hope it goes well for you.

Smiling - Td said she had mastectomy(mx) and reconstruction at same time using i think muscle/flesh from back ( so i had mx with first level nodes removed - haven’t done recon, just wanted the tumour gone and knew i would have to have radiotherapy - rads - some sorts of recon are not good with rads).

people use dx for diagnosis…

wle is wide lateral excision…

snd is sentinel node thingie…can be sampling or removal.

i still sometimes look at sentences and think WHAT? i don’t understand!!

I am 3/4 way through chemo and while nobody wants to do this it could have been worse experience than it was… take care J xx

Hi Sal

Ok so have you had a lumpectomy? they are going back in to get a clear margin then? and only one lymph node with cancer?

I know what you mean I was so upset I had 2 lymph nodes involved but then again you can’t change it can you.

I had a grade 3 and mine is triple negative so no “drugs” for me after the treatment.

I am halfway through my chemo so doing ok…have good days and pooh days like most people.

You will find so much support on here so keep on posting.

Sorry gotto go as toddler running a muck…arghhhhhhh

Good luck and take care

P xxx

Hey paula

There are so many differant cancer’s … i’m still trying to get my head round them … and because i want to under stand more about it all,

befor i was told i had this thing… i never realy under stood about breast cancer… did’nt realise there were so many… what a shock i had when i did realise how many differant one’s there were.
Any way hope you are ok and keeping strong glsd to see you still up and running now you are on your chemo… hope i can be up and running… not use to sitting around…
i am seriously thinking of poping to my hairdresssers to have my hair shaved to a number 5 before my chemo start’s … my lovley long black hair sh–… but there you go as long as im going to be better after …

well take care chat soon
sal xx

Evening Sal,

Glad Jen explained all the terminology! Comes quickly after a while. I have a nursing background so the terms aren’t new to me, just the abbreviations.

I talked to my hairdresser about short/shaved prior to chemo. She said , (she’s so sensible despite being all of 23) ‘but Td, you love your hair. Why get rid of it now - you may not even loose it - imagine how you’d feel then. Besides, if it does fall like snow wouldn’t you rather I came to you and did it in the privacy of your own home than be on show in the salon? ANd I could style your wig at the same time if you like - just remember to get one long enough to allow for cutting’

So just a thought… and even if you don’t have a regular hairdresser, you could go make friends with one now!
When do you start chemo? think mine will be within the next 3 weeks… going to onc (oncologist) next week -had to wait as I requested someone personally! - I wanted the same onc to do my chemo and my radiotherapy (rads). Hope this chap also specializes in BC!!! I must ask the person who reccommended him (who is a good friend who is also a consultant onc, but not in Bristol where I am…)

Love Td xx