Chemo is over at last!

Hi Guys
It’s over! I had my last TAX on Thursday after my diagnosis last September…god i am so relieved, i never thought April 1st would come!
I feel exhausted, like i have done 10 rounds with a boxer, but so so glad that chemo is over and done with.
It has been hard, as it is and has been for many of us on here, especially with two little children dependent on me, i don’t feel i have had half the rest i could have done with.
No radiotherapy for me, thankgoodness, tamoxofin and breast reconstruction later on in the summer.

Thanks for all your support over the months, and for those of you still on the journey, it will come to an end.

Bye for now.
Naz x

Hi Naz, glad to hear you are finished your chemo whoopp whoopp, it is a journey i wish was finished for me but sadly only just started…
Must be a huge relief to have your last one. Good luck for your up and coming surgery.

all the best

Anne x

Thanks Anne…
I will be over for you soon, it doesn’t seem like it at the time i know.
I remember when i was first told i needed the chemo, i nearly had a breakdown i was so scared of what was coming.

I hope your journey goes smoothly for you…

Take care.
Naz x

Hi Naz
Its a lovely feeling when you walk out after the last chemo, my last chemo was on 3rd Feb. You feel you can cope with any side effects that it wants to throw at you. I had my last radiotherapy last Wednesday, very sore and very tired.


I cant wait for that feeling…

Well done you for finishing it and moving forward… good luck with the surgery…

take good care
Van :slight_smile:

Well done Naz! I know you struggled very hard for the last few. I hope you manage to get some well earned rest now before the next stage. It can’t be easy with 2 little ones. I don’t know how the young mums do it.

Good luck with the rest of your treatment,

Jan xxx

Well done Naz.It’s such a relief isnt it! I remember at the beginning when you were refusing point blank to have chemo. Seems so long ago.

Julia xx

thats great news NAZ, and well done, I know this has been a hard road for you and its great that you’ve done it. It takes more courage to do something that scares you than it does not to feel the fear.
Bboonie, I’m a week ahead of you re rads and am also very sore and very tired, but oh, so glad its done. Hope you soon feel better

Hi everyone

Could I ask when you lost your brows and lashes and when did these and your hair begin to grow back
Thanks x

Hi mrs mc
my brows and lashes thinned at about number 3 but I didn’t lose them altogether, maybe lost about half of them. Hair started to come in after number 4, very different to previous hair, new hair is dark and bushy - previously fair and fine!
I had 6 x FEC.
I hope your chemo isn’t too hideous and that is passes quickly
take good care
monica xxx

Naz Am so very plesaed that you are fininshed with the chemos hope you can now rest and have a break with your little ones prior to your surgery/reconstuuction love LIBBY


Thanks for the reply. It was pleasing to read.Im half way through but changing over to tax next so will have to live in hope!!

Hi Naz

Well done for getting through it. My last chemo was 18th December, & I thought I’d never get there. Had 3 Fec which all made me ill for about a week, & then I’d be well for 2, followed by 3 Tax which seemed to be cumulative, didn’t seem to recover fully from 1 before the next. I didn’t think I could have had another 1 after the last, & still don’t think so. I can’t agree with Bhoonie about feeling ready for any SE’s after the last 1, I thought that was unfair, & that the last 1 ought to magically come with no SE’s. Unfortunately, the last 1 has caused my nails to fall off, no-one ever warned me about this, so it was a nasty surprise, & although I saw signs of them growing recently, the grown bits are just crumbling away. It has also caused peripheral neuropathy in both my hands & feet, & onc has told me that while she hopes this may improve over 6 mnths to a year, I may never recover completely. Apparently if I had appeared to be at risk from this during the treatment the dose could have been adjusted, but because it was the last 1 that did it, there is nothing to be done.So I feel really cheated. Also each time I had chemo it affected my operation site, causing it to become tight & sore, but that got better each time until the last 1, since when I have been stuck with the pain. The veins in the arm where the treatment went in have been left very hard & tender. During treatment they told me the veins would recover, but afterwards told me they sometimes don’t. I do notice weakness on this side when I try to do anything remotely strenuous (like clean the cooker properly). So in answer, here I am 3 months after last chemo, & don’t feel normal at all - however I did have 25 rads after chemo, which seemed like a walk in the park in comparison, but may still be affecting me, & on the plus side the hair is coming back. If only it was all the same colour it might help.