chemo kicks off 20 May - any good buddies?

Just wondered if anyone is starting their chemo about the same time as me or having their next one about the same time and would like to keep in touch. It would be great to chat as I have just read a thread that has given me the wobbles again.

Hi Lily - I am sure that (unfortunately) there will be lots of other ladies starting chemo about the same time as you, and it is great to have company along the journey. While you are waiting for more replies I just wanted to say hello and good luck. Reading the experiences of others is sometimes very helpful, but sometimes a bit scary, because between us all we have had most of the possible side effects. Just try to hold onto the fact that we are all different, and all react differently, and you are very unlikely to get all the side effects that you hear/read about. If you can I would suggest that you just go along with the attitude that as and when side effects happen you will deal with them - for everyone who has a tough time, there are others who find it relatively straightforward. It tends to be that the first week after is when you feel the side effects worse, and then weeks two and three are gradually better. If it’s any help at all, I finished chemo 4 weeks ago (3 FEC and 3 Taxotere) and although it wasn’t pleasant, it was manageable. And now I really am feeling just about fine again. You will find that you get lots of support and help, and don’t hold back from asking the breast care nurses etc for any advice or help you might like, and really being honest about how you feel. I’ll be looking out to see how you get on. The very best of luck and hope you find some buddies on here soon! Sarah xx

thank you for your kind thoughts and reassurances. I waiver between yes I am ready for this and I am emigrating right now. I am very easily swayed by others and have been trying to concentrate on thinking of others who are worse off than me. Meanwhile I will have fun up till the last day and try to get everything I can done so I can just vegetate if that is how it takes me, without a panic for kids to dentist, etc, the usual routines. Your comments were very soothing, reassuring and pitched perfectly for this moment, so thank you
Lily x


will be having my first FEC on 21st and am dreading it!!

Nic xxx

hi Lily
Three weeks ago on came on this website with the exact same request as you as I was about to start my first chemo on the 7th May and I was terrified. I had all these ideas in my head about what to expect and just couldnt come to terms with it all. I had lots of replies to my thread and have since made some good friends, and look forward to the live chat on a thursday night. I am sorry that you are going through this now too, but believe me, whatever your worse fears, it will not come to that. I did spend the first two days after chemo in bed as I was so tired and did feel yucky, but each day gets stronger and the appetite sure does return!! I am lucky I have a lovely family and friends here to help and can rest whenever I need and am now making the most of the next ten days before session number 2! I think we all have a tough time ahead of us, but whenever I feel low, I come to this site and chat, and I have had many a good laugh too! The girls (and guys) on here are great. I wish you luck and please keep us updated on your progress.
Best wishes
deb x

Woolly - Hi Nic, thanks for answering.
snap, I feel the same way, but I guess the sooner we start it, the sooner it is finished. Are you having 6 FEC? I am on a trial so I have 8 treatments but on the last four I change drugs and each one of those has 2 treatments a week apart. So I guess that makes 12 visits, plus blood tests. Yippeee I get a bonus.
Enjoy your last few days of freedom and just think how those micro cancer cells must suffer as that lot comes shooting down our veins!! Revenge is sweet!
Take care
Lily x x

Lily,I have my first appointment with the oncologist on Wed,so expect I will be starting in the next week or so.I’ll keep an eye out for your postings and will probably pick up with you on the chemo journey.

Good luck on Tuesday.

Hi everyone
Tricia,good luck with your appointment too and I would be really pleased to hear how you get on and what treatment they decide to give you. I had to decide whether to go on a trial or not from that onc appointment so came back with 600 more questions than the list I went in with. There is a lot to think about sometimes.

Hope we all sail through this part without too many bad days. Well as well as can be reasonably expected. I cannot decide whether to be optimistic and expect to be fine, or to prepare myself for the very worst. I guess reality will be somewhere in the middle of the two. Thinking of you
Lily x

Hi everone

I am the same - have been having really optimistic days and also some prepare for the worst days. It is really difficult to know what to expect. Am feeling slightly more optimistic today as have just got back from the hospital where I had an appointment for rheumatoid artritis which I also have and no-one came near me with any needles and I didn’t have to take my top off once!!! Hurray!!

Lily, really wish you good luck for tomorrow and try to enjoy your last chemo free day!! I will be havig 8 x FEC followed by radiotherapy and maybe herceptin. x

Tricia - hope you appointment goes ok. My first appointment with my oncologist was quite good as I found the oncology guys a lot more understanding and a lot more willing to give time than the surgical team. I went in with a big sheet of paper full of questions for them!!

Love to everyone - Nic XXX

Hiya All
My name is Lisa, I start my chemo on wednesday 21st - absolutely terrified - have major needle phobit (you would have thought it would ahve gone by now with all the prodding and surgery etc). Ive had a lovely weekend with friends feeling like it was my last enjoyable social weekend as feel I might go into hibernation as scared of infections, hair loss etc,. currently feel somewhere between crying, screaming and taking off but needs must and hopefully we all get through this treatemnt without too many side effects.
Good Luck and keep me posted - I might not get back on for a few days after chemo as bee advised to move back into parents for the first one


Hi Lisa

good luck on Weds!!

Hi everyone

I have been reading this as I have been in contact with Lily through another thread ‘1st FEC 9th May’

There are a few of us on it who have had our 1st dose and have about 10 days to go before the next. It may be worth reading it Lisa and Nic, as we’re only half a cycle up on you. Can’t say I recommend the treatment but also want to get on with it and finish it.

To anyone starting I found the actual hospital part OK. I didn’t look when they put in the cannula (sp?) and it wasn’t particularly painful which I was surprised at as my veins are rubbish. They did use a warm pad to heat my hand and arm up 1st to get the veins up - ask if they have one as it makes life a bit easier. All the chemo then goes in through the cannula in cartoon like syringes - you’ll see what I mean, and I think the ‘E’ part of FEC is the bright red one so don’t be alarmed. I felt fine during and after this and had no problems getting home although hubby drove. During that afternoon/evening I felt OK and had a small meal in the evening. I did start feeling nauseous from then on (no, it wasn’t the meal!) and kept taking the tablets for the required time. I felt much better 5 days after and really could then have got on with anything. This part will be different for everyone but I thought I’d let you know the hospital bit wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I hope the same goes for all of you starting this week and I’ll be thinking of you.

By the way don’t think you have to be in isolation during treatment. Although the 1st 5 days, for me, were a wipe out, I had a great weekend this one, which is my lowest from an immune point of view, and just made sure I kept away from crowds etc and watched what I ate. Still got down to the pub however and luckily found I have not gone off wine!

Good Luck, especially for tomorrow

Nicky x

Thanks Nicky

You’ve so cheered me up as was dreading the cannula part as struggled to get in for surgery. the fact that you have gone to the pub has cheered me up immensly as I was thinking I wouldnt see one for the next 5 months - hope I feel same as you!! Lets hope I dont go of the wine, although would do the weigh some good!!

Hope you continue in the same way - thanks so much for the advice!!

Lisa x

I have posted on behalf of new user Jackie
Kind regards

Hi All, I was diagnosed on the 10th April with Medullary Breast cancer , a rare type but treatment just the same. I was supposed to start chemo on the 14th May but took an infection in my wound! Back at hospital today hoping to get a new start date but no b****y infection is back. I’m having 4FEC followed by 4 Tax then 5 weeks of Rads. Can’t say I’m looking forward to it but all this waiting around is driving me mad. Good luck to those of you starting this week. I will follow your progress in the hope that iyt isn’t too bad.
Jackie B

Hi everyone
My last post of my last evening before my first chemo!!! What a drama Queen!!
I actually feel a bit manic as well as scared, keen to get on with it and wanting to hide in the shed. So I guess the thing to do is just get on with it, or my head will explode thinking so many things. I wish it wasn’t also an important GCSE day for my son, IT and English Language tomorrow so quite a few hours of writing.
Hi Jackie B, nice to talk to you but wish it was under different circumstances of course. It is a shame that chemo doesn’t wipe out infections so you could do both at the same time. Hope they soon get it under control and let us know how you get on. I am sure someone else will have written about this if you read other threads, which might be helpful.
Woolly, well you are really doing well with that to deal with too and what a great day not to have to show your boobs for a change. I even find myself saying do you want to see the scar as so many people are curious? I now have 4 scars and this time they all wanted to poke them to feel the port and the tubes! Lots of luck on Wed if I don’t post before then. See you after the big event. Thanks so much Deb. Good luck Tricia and Lisa on Wed too.
Nicky you are a star as usual. Thanks for all those calming things you say.
Hugs to everyone feeling yuk, lonely or got something big this week. Have fun for the rest of us if you are enjoying a good spell
Lily x

I hope all goes well for you.I’d normally say have a fab day,but not really appropriate! Will watch out for your updates.

Good luck Lily hope it goes as well as can be for you. Maybe once we start its a move on date wise to the end post?! Hope so

Good luck today. Once it starts the chemo gets into a routine. For me, I feel like a piece of lead the first day, but it gets slightly better with each day. By a week, I have energy again and it is not at all bad. Just know that you will need to pace yourself so you don’t tire out.

We are with you, girl! Throwing a few cyber hugs your way…


Hi all

Good luck to the girlies who are starting chemo soon.Once you start its countdown.


Hi Lily

Good luck and we’ll pick up again when you’re feeling like it. Although I was reading the posts for the 1st few days I wasn’t in the mood to add anything. Also good luck to your son doing GCSE’s at the moment, I’ve got a daughter doing AS’s so I know what it’s like.

Take care

Nicky x