chemo knocking me sideways help

just got through second chemo thought i was going to die, lost 9lbs in 5 days, ive eaten the best i could, had anti-sickness drugs, so haven’t been sick - i am type 2 diabetic and take metformin, but felt like i was going into a diabetic coma, could’nt think or communicate, i drifted away from reality, from life. The doctors have never mentioned my diabetes and chemo - i dont think i can do any more.

So sorry you have had such a difficult time. I’m afraid I don’t know anything about how your diabetes affecte chemo - best discuss with your oncologist. I can say that my second chemo was definately my worst and knocked me out for several days that all seemed to drift together into a horrible haze. I absolutely dreaded going back for my third one but it turned out to be so much easier. In fact all my chemo sessions have been different and thankfully my last one (finished 10 days ago) has been my easiest yet. Try and hang in there it does come to an end and now looking back it was worth it to give me a better chance for the future.

All the best Anne x

Hi there
You definitely need to discuss in detail with your oncologist and chemo nurses, they can do lots of things from changing the pre meds to altering the dose, they can give you different anti nausea medications, and i think you might need to talk to a diabetes person as well about the interactions and how you can minimise them. I guess all I am saying is don’t suffer in silence, its not easy to have chemo but if its really horrible it can be made more bearable.


I agree, my 2nd chemo was by far the worst, I felt like I was spinning slowly on the ceiling and had to hold onto the bed. I was ready for giving up but managed to do 6 FEC in the end - please ask for better antisickness and get your district nurses involved, they can come out and give you an antisickness injection. xx