Chemo not worked on liver secondaries!

Hi everyone
I was diagnosed in Sept06 with Breast Cancer and then liver secondaries with numerous tumours in Nov 07. Had 8 cycles of Taxotere ending June 08 which reduced tumours overall by 75% but they were back to what they were within a few months! Then had 5FU and Navelbine combination for 6 cycles from Nov to Apr only to find that it hasn’t worked, infact I’m worse off because I’ve got 2 new tumours over 3cm each and the original tumours have grown quickly too - the largest tumour was 7cm and is now over 10cm!!!
I’m due to start a chemo called triple M on Monday and wondered if anyone else had had this chemo and the problems with chemo not working etc. Feel very low all the time and just don’t know what more I can do especially if this doesn’t work. I’d heard such good reports on 5FU and Navelbine working for others and know we’re all individuals but just wonder what’s going to work for me. I’m HER2 positive but hormone negative.

Hi Carol, I’m replying as a bone mets woman who has a couple of friends who had the MMM chemo. I found this info about the chemo on the cancerbackup page,
Both my friends had some good results on the chemo although one was very tired throughout. I don’t know how true this is but from reading here and elsewhere it’s always seemed to me 5FU is either fantastic for some or it just doesn’t do anything…there never seems to be half way. Are you having Herceptin too? Sure you’ll get many more helpful replies than mine but I just wanted to wish you well with the start of MMM on Monday…I hope you get some good results with it. Take Care…x

Thanks Belinda for your reply. Yes I’m having Herceptin too, at the same time as chemo. Just off now for my first triple M treatment.
Fingers crossed it works!!! Take care.
Carol xx