Chemo nurse and chemo suite

Hi ladies, I have posted thisalreafy on another rhread but for my ladies who haven’t been on the other thread and are to start chemo soon here is a briefing about my app with the chemo team. I have grade 2 Ductal invasive BC Herc+! I have had a lumpectomy but now need 6 cycles of chemo, 18 m months Herceptin, another op to clear pre cancerous cells in margins, rads and 10 years of Tamoxifen! Phew!!! Just a little time out of my life to help towards leading a better quality life in the future and to stop recurrence. Just a small price to pay:) Yes,we could all do without this but its there so deal with it and use whatever they give us to get mended!

S, we sat in the cold cap room for rhe meeting! Yes, it was cold even though not in use and doors open! Mum sat in the lounge instead! Decided not using cold cap and shaving for charity but nurse told be not to shave shave as your scalp can get sensitive and be more prone to irritations and infection so just have a number 2 with clipper and no razors. No, she didn’t mean number 2 on the loo:D I’ve heard that coconut oil or wax is good for bare heads so be sure to get some. Avoid forest sun…fat chance of any more of that here soon anyway!

Then got to my weight and height which was done last visit. They had 550 kg written for my weight, which is about 10 of me, haha, yes should be 50kg! That would have been a lot of drugs for little me!

Asked why I’m on EC and not FEC? 6 months ago the took the F drug away as they found it wasn’t really doing anything! So 3 cycles EC and 3 cycles of Doxataxol and 18 months of Herceptin.
2nd week of each cycle need to inject GCSF to build up immune system. 2 anti sickness drugs will go in with the EC! First cycle be there about one and half hours to 2 as no cold cap. Longest will be the first Herceptin for 6 hours. Herceptin will not have side effects, feel just as normal.

Heart will be checked after cycle 2 to make sure treatment not affecting my heart. Advised to take temperature twice daily. Get an ear thermometer from Tescos. They are quickest way. Shouldnt be above 37.5 degrees or lower than 37.5

Wear dark nail varnish for the 3x Doxataxol to block light from nail bed to stop infection and damaging nails. I think will wear all the time through chemo.
Have a deep purple one free with No 7 products.

Hair loss will be between 7-14 days. So cutting short is good even if having cold cap as that’s 50/50 so short hair falling out is more manageable and won’t get as tangled easily.

Avoid shellfish, raw meat, reheated food, take away food, unpasteurized yoghurt and cheese.

Wear rubver gloves to clean as to avoid any infection!

Don’t go anywhere with big crowds as someone could have a cold or infection. You aren’t the risk but someone else could pass it on.

Best bit was that they are giving me an extra anti sickness drug Amend to take on top of the 2 drugs going in the line. I’ve heard that it is very good! Maybe mention if you are a sickly person.

All in all came out feeling positive and ready to start on Monday morning…of course I hope I see the muscular handsome security guard who smiled and winked at me as I arrived! Nothing like a bit of eye candy at times like this!!!

The best of luck to all my lady chemo starters and also to all those going through all the different treatment plans and diagnosis. We are just like family, or even better as we understand each other and can rant, rave, moan and share our emotions and feelings without worrying about upsetting anyone.
Lots of love to you

Thanks for that. I have the same diagnosis but I am a few weeks behind you. I fortunately had clear margins after surgery. Did you have any node involvement? It’s great to have all the information set out like that. Best of luck for Monday, I hope that you have minimal side effects x

Also if you don’t mind me asking did you have a Mirena coil at any stage or other hormonal contraception. Only asking because my OH is convinced that my BC has been caused by my coil, I doubt it to be honest because I had it for 18 years and think it would have developed earlier if that was the case.

Hi Chaffinch
I had one affected node taken away but I’ve opted for them all to be taken out as need another op anyway.
No, not had any coil put in so can’t help you there.
Hope you don’t this helpful and good luck with your treatment too.xx

Hi CK, thank you for all the chemo info it’s really useful. (I don’t know definitely yet if I’m having it, but I’m presuming I am!) Glad they sorted out your weight correctly! :smileyhappy:

A few questions! Hope you don’t mind!

Why do you have to have 2 different types of chemo? Has cutting out the F out made EC a little easier to use?

Do you have to inject GCSF yourself or is it done at the hospital?

So no fish and chips all the time I’m having chemo?! :smileysad:

Think you said 1 1/2 hours for the first chemo, how long do the others take?

Interesting about the nail varnish-my dad will have a fit! :smileyhappy: (I know I’m a grown woman, but still a girl in my dad’s eyes! He’s nearly 90 and I hate the worry he’s having to go through because of horrible bc!)


Glad Friday’s visit has helped you a lot xx



Really helpful post thanks. I am so glad they realised they’d added on 500kg to your weight!


I am getting my PICC line in tomorrow before starting on Wednesday. I am having an echocardiogram and ecg of my heart this month too in preparation for Herceptin, even though that’s quite a few weeks in the future.


Wishing you all the best for tomorrow, I’ll be thinking of you and hope all goes smoothly. 



Rhona xx


CK thanks for posting. Will be thinking about you tomorrow and hope all goes well. X

All the best for tomorrow CK and thanks for your very informative and helpful post xx

Ah good luck to you starting your chemo ck. 


everyone is different, and it’s nerve wracking starting as you are just waiting for the side effects to kick in. For me, two days after I was still feeling fine due to the steroids, the fourth day was my worst as I had rather painful heartburn (which I believe wasn’t heartburn but aches following coming off the steroids- apparently they can give me something for that this time). Second week I felt pretty good and third week as normal (though one day got a temp and slight sore throuat and had to go to hospital for a check up…result was I get antibiotics and injections to boost white blood cells)


my advice woukd be if you are in any doubt about side side effect symptoms, ring the acute oncology number, they were brilliant when I rang and I think going in straight away meant I didn’t have to stay in, as my slight sore throat in the morning had developed by night time into very sore throats, ear ache and achy neck going up into my head. Fortunately I was already on antibiotics and the next day it was no worse.

Thank you ladies
Your support really does make a difference! I put temperature wrong. It shouldn’t be height than 37.5 or lower than 35.5 degrees. Silly fingers!

Jencat, first time a bit longer because need to explain what’s what. 2nd one probably there an hour. Regards two types, in time research has taught them how and what drug to use for individual situations. They all work differently for us! The oncilogist will choose which is best for you and things are moving on so much what someone had 6 months ago may change now.The first is more of a trial. We all react to them differently and hopefully we have ones which are manageable and mend us.
GCSF can be done yourself but they will ask district nurse to come and do first one if you like. I think it’s similar to my mum’s diabetic jab which seems pain free enough and easy. I may opt for the nurse for the first one. Might as well.
You can have fish, just not shellfish. E.g Prawns, crab, lobster! No pate either, probably similar to when pregnant!
Regards take always I think if you know they are clean and have 5 star food and hygiene rating you will be fine. Just like restaurants. Only use ones with 5 star. I will be eating from my place as I know how careful they are.

Anyway I’m starting to get butterflies so I’m going to do some Chi Gung…breathing exercises b4 I try to get some sleep. Need to be there at 9am.

Hope to report back soon. Lots of love to you

Good luck CK will be thinking of you. Let us know how you get on

Cassie x

Ck just to echo Cassie and cherry. You will be in my thoughts x

Good luck CK.Hope chemo treats you kindly .

I’m rooting for you too x

On takeaway note I was advised NO Chinese no rice , no buffets at all and no takeaways or eating out day 7 -14. Fish, chips ,pizzas are ok as long as not day 7-14 and only eat in or from places you know are clean and can trust. X

In that case 1 husband up for swaps if I am too unwell to cook my husband is brill st caring and diy but cannot cook so I need to swap for one that can if takeaways are s no xx ???

I have posted another thread about today girls! I should be sleeping as so tired but I can’t without keeping up with my ladies. You are part of my life now and hopefully for years to come. I still feel as if I’m resting my body though and there’s plenty of time for sleep, if it lets me! Im watching TV with mum and the cat:)They didn’t put a lot of steroids in so hopefully won’t be wide awake. Need to take my anti sickness oil at 10pm. Lets see whats in store tonight! Hopefully just nice