Chemo options the third time around

Hello, I’ve had breast cancer twice before resulting in double mastectomy and lymph node removal on both sides. The first time in 2006, I was given FEC chemo, and the second time in 2102, it was Taxotere.

Unfortunately I have suffered a local recurrence on both sides. Lumps have been removed, and the CT scan showed no evidence of distant spread, but the oncolcogist suggests an aggressive approach to deal with any rogue cells,.

I started my first cycle of Paclitaxol yesterday but suffered an extreme reaction and it had to be stopped.


I just wondered if anyone else had been in a similar position and what chemotherapy regime they were offered. It seems the options narrow as you progress!





I am not in the same situation as you re 3rd occurrence, but my oncologist changed my planned regime, which was going to be 3 weekly docetaxel or weekly Paclitaxol, as I couldn’t tolerate the dosage of steroids required. Instead I had Abraxane, which is also a taxane, but is usually given where people have an extreme reaction to the other two. It’s a quick infusion, about 30 mins, and requires fewer additional drugs with it.


It is expensive and requires approval from the nhs Trust, but try asking if it’s an option for you.




Were you planned to have weekly Taxol or 3 weekly? If 3 weekly, you might find the lower dosage of weekly treatment has fewer side effects.