Chemo or not

Hi I was diagnosed with breast cancer . I’ve had a lump and 2 lymph nodes removed . I had an appointment on Thursday for my results . My dr said I am borderline for chemo so it is my choice . My RS score is 23 . And recurrence is 19% in 9 years with our chemo. With chemo she said it brings it down only to 14/15%. Dr couldn’t tell me what to do but because of my age I am 52 she would sway to having it . Anyone else been in this situation 

What country are you in and what test did you have? Because if it was the oncotype test your doctor was wrong with the statistics you were told. I have a 23 also on the oncotype. At age 52, your recurrence rate will be 9%. It says that on my sheet that I got back from the test and your benefit from chemo is less than 1% so it’s not recommended. Now if you’re below age 50, your recurrence rate is a little higher with that score so chemo is recommended. I am below age 50 so I am having chemo. Afterwards I will have dropped my recurrence rate to about 8% or so. Hope that helps.