Chemo rash

I’m on weekly chemo and last week developed a red rash on my hands and arms , it looks like a burn , doesn’t itch but is sore . The doctor has given me some aqueous cream which helps a little but any other ideas as it’s now appearing on my feet too ?

Make sure your oncologist checks it’s not hand/foot syndrome (medical name plantar-Palmer). This is where the drug leaks out of the capillaries and into the surrounding tissue. I developed this after one dose of docetaxol which I was due to have every three weeks. I was told it was a severe reaction as it happened within days of having my first cycle. Interestingly I’m about to go onto weekly Packlitaxel instead as it is a ‘kinder’ regime. . What chemo drug are you on? My feet got very sore initially and turned red, especially the toes… I ended up feeling like I’d walked for miles and miles when I’d only done the school run which is less than a km! I then started getting red marks on my hands but not my arms. It was when my feet started to blister that I consulted my Chemotherapy Diary which lists side effects. It advised I rang the chemo nurse. She didn’t recognise it as a problem initially but rang me at 6.50 am the following morning and told me my oncologist needed to see me. I’m not sure a GP would necessarily know what to look for. Worth checking with your chemo team to rule it out if nothing else. Good luck!