Chemo regime


I have moved to another hospital for my chemo treatment because it is closer to home. The hospital that did the mastectomy recommended 4X Epirubicin/Cyclophosphamide every three weeks and then 4X Docetaxel every 3 weeks. The new hospital said because my tumor was 6 cm and 3 nodes were cancerous that they recommend a more aggressive regime of 3X Epirubcin, 3X Paclitaxel and 3X Cyclophosphamide every 2 weeks. How am I supposed to decide which is the best therapy regime? Has anyone had any experience with the latter therapy? Thank you in advance.

Hi Julesstutt,

Thanks for your post. As you haven’t had a reply from the community yet, you might be interested in our information on going through breast cancer treatment - here’s the main page, you can then move around to find the bits that are most relevant to you, e.g. different types of chemo:

I hope that can help, you’re also more than welcome to call our helpline to speak to one of our nurses. They’re on 0808 800 6000 and they’re open again on Monday.

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Oh that is a difficult position to put you in! I was not given much of a choice for my chemo and had all Docetaxel with Carboplatin along with Herceptin. I was given an explanation about why that was and it it is due to my heart, Herceptin can weaken the heart so I was not allowed another one which they knew caused heart issues in some people.


I think you just have to trust your new team now that you have changed hospitals - chemo is never easy so just get your head down and get on with it. All of it can be harsh but lots of us have been through it and have come out on the other side.


The fear of it is worse than actually having it. I used a cold cap and kept most of my hair plus I fasted and had less symptoms because of the fasting. Have a search on here about both  topics if you are interested.