Chemo se stinks

Why dont plp understand how u feel with chemo se bald pins needles in feet hand on loo god nos how many times chemo mouth no hair one boob no life only for one wk stomache cramps wk in bed cancer stinks no one understands

Aww Laura64 WE all understand. Others don’t understand because to them it’s just a word and not real.
You know that here on this site you can vent your frustrations, voice your fears and/or concerns and ask any questions you want to. The is always someone on here willing to answer your posts or private message you with words of encouragement.
My treatment is finished (hopefully)but I really do know how you are feeling and I promise you it will eventually just be a memory for you and you’ll realise just how strong you were to get through all the s**t that is happening to you right now. Chin up!

Karen xx

Laura it will get better love, promise. I felt exactly the same but it doesn’t last and you will get through it. Try to be strong and think of all the women who have successfully done this - that’s what helped me. Rest when your body tells you to and do things when you feel like it. Now I feel great and you will too in the future!
Sending lots of good wishes your way xx

Laura, you’re quite right. Chemo SEs completely suck. But some of us DO understand, so feel free to vent, rage, cry, scream, and we’ll be there with you.

Yep Laura go with CM’s advice - these threads are what’s keeping me sane since I don’t feel able to really tell family/friends what I feel like as I need them to be normal to help me to cope - we will understand so do keep in touch

Thanks all just finding it so hard at moe already done 3 fec 3 tax for prim yr ago now gtg through it again for sec to lungs tn so chemo only option finders toes hurting ache can’t face getting up let alone sch hols with a 12 yr old done 4 so far just finding another 2 so hard and do I want my life on chemo no life

Laura, can you palm your 12-yr-old off on someone (in the nicest possible way of course)? My youngest until she misbhaved a week or two ago was very good at making her own arrangements for sleepovers and spending time with her friends, so I could just mong out when I needed to. Do you know any of the parents of your sprog that you could make arrangements with? Might help a bit.

Hi Laura, as others have said we do understand what you are going through, it will get better, at the moment you will wonder if that is going to happen, it will, your hair will grow back, and your energy will return. You have to think it will come to an end, I am in my third year now and it seems like it was a dream that happened but in reality and at the time it was hard, but doable. We have to give ourselves the best chance and it will I promise come to an end. Take care junieliz x

hi laura, my hubby went through it , my niece went through it , and my dad went through it and whilst i was there for them all and felt for them i never truly understood how crap it is !!i truly feel only those who have had it know, i am sorry you feel so fed up now i really hope you improve soon and the se’s give you a break xxx