Chemo start date


I have been given the start date for my first neo-adjuvant chemo - Wednesday 30th August. In one way I’m pleased it’s not as much of a wait as they had told me it might be but in another I’m apprehensive as I don’t really know much about this side of things.

If anyone has any hints or tips or anything I should know before I start on this roller coaster, I’d be very grateful.

I now need to spend the next week getting everything sorted for my kids going back to school 5 days after my first chemo session!

Nikki xxx

Nic Nic
At least you have a start date and can prepare.
Why not go on the chemo monthly thread to see what people can are advising and read other threads. I always find these helpful.
Of course we all have different side effects, some more some less but we are all different.
Mine starts on Sept 4th and I have wig in place and looking for hats and scarves!
Getting some sweets to suck on and creams for skin. Maybe get some help with the children as you don’t know how you will feel. They all say that you know more after the first chemo and how you are, then there will be a pattern on how tired you are etc.
I’m sure you will be organised(us women are) but certain things we need to just wait and see.
So we are soon on our roads to recovery. Loom out for each other. I’m just going to keep myself occupied until then and stocking up with sweets and biscuits (put them away too)xxx

Hi Nik

Come and join us on the August chemo starter thread. There are lots of ladies who have just started who hopefully will be able to support and advise you. I had mine last year, so can tell you my experiences and give you advice as much as possible.

Re. preparation… The first week of chemo is the hardest. This is when the fatigue is challenging and the nausea kicks in. So what I always recommend is to prepare for that week. Eg, get the food shopping and the washing done. Make sure the kids are all set for school. If you get any offers of help, accept it for that week. You may heed help with the school run. Make sure you have all the medication that you might need. Then you can take it really easy! Hopefully, the remaining weeks you will feel fine.

In terms of hair loss, this starts about week 3. So have a think about how to deal with that…hair cut, scarf or wig? That is one of the hard things about chemo, so be prepared as much as possible.

Hope this all helps.

Sue xx

So glad you’ve got your date Nik, although it is such an apprehensive time. It does feel better when treatment starts to get it dealt with.
I didn’t need chemo, so have nothing to add, other than sending my best wishes.
ann x