chemo tablets

just wondering if anyone experiencing lung mets have have improved with treatment with oral chemo

sorry to hear of your lung mets.
Which oral chemo do you mean? Some people have oral vineralbine rather than IV or else there is capecetabine/xeloda.
My lung mets which are in my entire lymph system in my lungs dramatically improved withe the IV vineralabine. However, after only 8 weeks of finishing this, my breathing had deteriorated to such a state that I started on oral capecetabine. I’ve been on this since the end of march and my breathing did improve - I can now run upstairs!!! However, a couple of weeks ago I got very wheezy and the onc noticed I’d got a new tumour at the base of where my bronchus divides. I’m seeing the medics tomorrrow to discuss bronchoscopy and rads - it’s a very small tumour. I’ve started steroids which has also improved my breathing.
Sorry - have rattled on without giving you a straight answer - I would say the oral capecetabine has shrunk my liver and other lymph tumours, it has improved my breathing dramatically but as my lung mets are in my lymph system it is like trying to xray blood so all they can go on are my symptoms and as I said my breathing has improved.
Last year, I could barely walk 100yds and that was with a stick. Last week, i climbed to the top of Tintagel castle and back down to the beach, the following day, I walked all round the Lost Gardens of Heligan and the next day spent time at a children’s adventure centre and went on loads of rides!!!
You can never tell how chemo will work. Taxotere did very little for me apart from making me neutropaenic a lot andd being in hospital each cycle and yet vineralbine andd capecetabine are working well.
Really hope the oral chemo tabs work for you.
Just PM me if you want further details or want to ask anything about your treatment if you think it might be useful.

I have posted on behalf of Terry
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Xeloda has worked really well for my wife fo 18 months now 1 to 3 of 3

Xeloda worked very well for me gave me several months of good quality living, no sickness but quite tired… but second time around had no effect now on vinorlbine (not oral) and waiting to find if working…

Sorry I don’t have lung but liver mets so the breathing is not a bother for me… wish you well with the treatment.