chemo, thirst and mood swings?

Hi all
Had first fec on Thursday, and have been so so thirsy ever since!
Seem to have a real dry mouth and drinking gallons of water. How long does this last for does anyone know?

Also, i feel really irritable at times, ratty and intolerant - is that all part and parcel of the drugs (or is it just me?)


Naz xx

Hi Naz
I had my first FEC 11 days ago. I was advised to drink minimum of 2 litres per day to help flush out any toxins. This equates to about 8 glasses/mugs. I have found that cranberry juice makes a very good alternative to water and I can still manage strong tea. Haven’t had the mood swings but have felt a bit “out of it” every now and then. I also had to snack every couple of hrs for the first week to hold off recurring nausea.

same with me. Just going to have my 2nd FEC on Wed. Was also told to drink 2 litre plus of water, and small something to eat every 2 hours.

have you tried ginger?? i have some ginger sweets from the health shop, which seem to help a bit. Also been taking lots of anti sickness meds from the hospital.

hi ladies i,m on 3rd fec and as it can irritate the bladder as i having infection burning etc was told to drink 3ltrs on day of chemo by nurse, consultant says should be everyday so hard as it is when feeling sick tired etc endless trips to the loo are worth it!wishing you all well sheena x

Hi there
I’m on 5/6 FEC and have thirst and wild mood swings - my poor family…
I’m blaming the menopause, which I have gone into very suddenly (like so many of us)but I don’t know - thats just me surmising
take care

just read this and my nurses told me nothing about drinking lots of water!!! In fact they told me nothing so now i can see where some of my problems have come from lol !!! Dont get cancer in the Scottish Borders!!! Well if you are young that is!!! They only seem to cater for pensioners.

Hi Naz,
Im due for chemo no. 4 on xmas eve and yes, just keep drinking as much as you can. Not only does it minimise the chances of a bladder infection but the chemo does horrid things to your mouth and taste buds. Sore tongue and throat usually kicks in with me in the second week after chemo and doesnt really heal before the next session. Make sure you get a good mouthwash from your oncologist to minimise infection there too!
Keep the fluids up as they also think it helps flush out the chemo drugs in your body quicker!
karen xx

Hi all
Thanks for all your replies…
Still got the thirst, it is doing my head in now as i am up and down like a yo yoat night, so very tired.
BUT on a good note, if it is doing the job, then that’s fine with me!

Still got the mood swings, i feel awful as my children are little and don’t really understand why their mum is so snappy and on a short fuse all of the time…

signet - Your nurses didn’t do a good with the water, they told me to drink loads before and during chemo, but i am still thirsty!

Good luck for Thursday karenap, will be thinking of you (and will get a mouthwash later on too, thanks!)

Naz xx

Hi Signet
Can’t believe they didn’t tell you this - I had lots of advice from my chemo nurse. ie drink fresh orange juice in the mornings to hold off constipation from the anti-sickness meds plus any other fluids that I can, it doesn’t matter what it is, just get it in. The more you drink the quicker the toxins leave you and the less likely it is you will have bladder infections. As the steroids kept me awake for the first few days I was even drinking regularly through the night.
There is lots of advice from other ladies on this site - I found it very helpful in knowing what to expect as SE’s and how to minimise them.