Chemo tomorrow, help

I have my second chemo tomorrow and really not looking forward to it. First time was easy, just sat there, cold cap, a few drugs, chatted with nurse. Simple. Then went through nausea, fatigue, hair loss, infection, chemo put off for another week to recover, and now just really don’t want it again.


Need a bit of TLC, why is it that with a husband and 2 kids, I’m the one cooking dinner, putting the bins out and putting washing on tonight of all nights?


hugs please x

Oh Dawn xxx big hugs from me. I have one of those OHs at home ?? I haven’t had chemo yet, have surgery tomorrow so hope my hubby shapes up

Have been through chemo for 6 months before when I was a younger so I know how horrid it makes you feel…

You can do it!! Stay strong, big hug xx

I have one of those husbands too Dawn, I carried on skivvying throughout my treatment, felt so resentful. Big hugs, I know it’s pants, but tomorrow will be another one ticked off and if it’s making you feel ill imagine what it’s doing to the cancer. Take care xxx

Thanks girls, hadn’t thought about how those nasty cells feel! Good luck tomorrow Brewster, what are you having? X