Ok strange question my chemo starts on Tuesday 6th of September and will be weekly. 

My husband works away a lot but is home from Thursdays,  I really don’t want to be alone after chemo, it is possible to speak with the nurses to see if my next appointment can be on a Thursday and not a Tuesday, also would like to try and work through treatment so better to get chemo late in the week so I can at least try and work 3 days a week.

Can anyone let me know if they have been able to request the days.



Hi Kerri

The simplest thing would be to ring your Breast Care Nurses contact line, they’ll ring you back later in the day and you can ask them. They may be able to accommodate you later along the line but it may be too short notice for appointment 1. After that, it’s going to depend on how carefully your doses are spread. Even a day’s delay can knock treatment out of kilter and reduce its efficacy.

The other thing you are likely to find is that chemo suites are booked to the hilt. It is impossible to calculate accurately how long each patient’s treatment will last and there can be a LOT of waiting. All it takes is one patient’s notes going astray or delayed blood results and there is a backlog. Once, I got home at 9pm, from a 2pm appointment!! That was the exception though.

You’re right in not wanting to be alone as the treatment kicks in. Can your husband adjust his days? Do you have a trusted friend? You will need someone to take you and fetch you home. Things may have changed back to pre-pandemic rules and your driver may be able to sit with you, keep you company - but I know some hospitals still have tight covid controls. After a few courses, you will know how the treatment affects you. You may come home bright as a button because of the steroids. You may come home and just sleep, because of the anti-histamine and the emotional toll early chemo can take. At this stage it’s impossible to establish what your pattern will be. What is important is that you listen to your body. Chemo fatigue is hard to describe - it’s not tiredness, it’s not even exhaustion, it goes beyond that. It would be great for you if you could work a few days a week but don’t commit yourself. And remember your immunity will be very low so you have to bear that in mind and be more cautious. The slightest thing can set off a string of events leading to hospital admission - and that’s tough.

I hope all goes well for you. They are obliged to tell you of all the most common side effects but that doesn’t mean you’ll get them. They are very good at prescribing preventative medications now. Take care xx