I had my first chemo yesterday,  it was 2 chemo meds together,  at the time I was having one of them I got really bad lower back pains so they stopped it gave me pain killers,  some pirating allergy meds and then started again.  My Oncologist said I was at early stages with no lymph nodes involved but last night I had occasional stabbing pains in my lymph nodes and my lower back was hurting but it was just above me tail bone. Has anyone else experienced this with chemo drugs.

Hello kerri1970

As you are yet to have a response, we’ve been asked post.

If someone has chemotherapy before surgery to remove the cancer, they may experience some altered sensation in the area where the cancer is. You mention no lymph node involvement but feeling pain in your armpit and your lower back.

You may have been given a contact number to call the chemo team if you have any concerns. You may want to call them to talk this through. Alternatively, you may want to call your breast care nurse. They can also suggest some pain relief. If you feel unwell over the weekend and unable to contact your team do call 111.

You may want to post on this section of the Forum, and we also have monthly chemotherapy threads.

Do call our Helpline if you would like to talk this through or have any further questions.

Best wishes


Breast Care Nurse

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Hi Kerry

i finished IV chemo in Jan so it’s a bit of a blur but I remember I definitely had feelings of twinges or whatever the right word is all over - boobs, lymph nodes, back everywhere. Wasn’t all the time but came and went and obvs I obsessed about it as it’s all so worrying.  But I really do think is entirely normal.

the problem I found with Iv chemo is everyone has different side effects so never know what’s ‘normal’ x