I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer on 27 August 2013, I had my first chemo treatment on 10 September, having the chemo itself was fine, it was about 3 hours later I felt awful, cannot stop being sick, so couldn’t keep the anti sickness tablets down. After a really bad night the chemo nurse got in touch with a district nurse who gave me an injection to help. It is now 6 days later and I am only just starting to feel more my self. Do you ever get use to this, does it get easier to cope with, I hate feeling inadequate, not being able to do what I usually do. I am finding it very hard.

Poor you PeterBear.

I was never actually sick but felt so horrible on FEC chemo and now on GemCarbo which is just as yucky. My onc reduced my dose as I was so poorly after the first. The best anti-sickness stuff is called Emend, if you didn’t get it you need to ask about it. You might still feel rough but hopefully it’ll control the vomiting. I also found I’d feel a bit better if I could eat something - mostly just plain breadsticks in early days. On FEC I still felt queasy 7 days later, but then picked up rapidly feeling pretty well for the next two weeks so hopefully you’ll feel more normal soon. Do try to eat or you 'll get weaker.

It’s a nightmare isn’t it? But you’re one treatment down so well done.

Thinking of you


Like TeeJ says EMEND is the best anti-sickness drug there is.  They don’t routinely give it, so make sure you tell the onc and nurses about your experience this time and hopefully they will adjust the meds.

When I had chemo 3 years ago because I panic over feeling sick my onc gave me 8 different kinds which I took religiously and I was lucky not to be sick. 

As for the doing what you usually do, everyone differs on chemo - I had mine every 2 weeks so never had a good week and more or less did nothing for 4 months.  So I can’t really advise on that one

There should be a solution however for the sickness - just make sure you speak up.




Another tip is, don’t wait until you are actually being sick. As soon as you start to feel a bit ‘off’, take whichever tablets you are using. As Teej said, Emend are the best ones - if you can get them to let you have them. But once you have started to vomit, it is too late, as I said, take them as soon as you think you might be sick, or better still even before that. Hope you have minimal side effects in future.


Poemsgalore xx

Hi, sorry to hear you’re finding things hard. I was pretty rough after my first chemo too and like you thought that if I had to go through it a further 5 times, I wasn’t sure I could do it. However, before my second chemo they gave me a pill call Emend, I took one on the day of chemo and one for a further two days. I can’t lie and say the nausea has gone but it’s a completely different story now and it makes it a lot more bearable. I am about to have my 4th chemo and am glad I am now on the downhill slope towards my last one (number 6) in November. I have a meeting with my oncologist just before each chemo where meds can be tweeked if needed. Make sure you mention it and that you need stronger anti sickness meds next time. I think they start you with lowest poss dose and work up if needed. Good luck. x