Just a couple of chemo queries!

Assume you wear travel sick bands whilst having the chemo? How long do you need to keep them on for?

Do you need to wear dark nail varnish just whilst your having the chemo or all through the treatment? I asked the chemo nurse, but she’d not heard about it before xx

my BCN said black/dark coloured nail varnish Jen 

She said this is because you become light sensitive and your nails can become brittle and worst case scenario drop iut 


I cant comment on seabeands yet xxx

Hi jencat. I don’t wear travel sickness bands for chemo, I cant say I’ve noticed anyone else doing so either-that’s not to say they don’t though! I have been quite lucky though and not been sick at all just felt a bit gaggy for a couple of days (day 3/4 usually the worst)
My onc told me not to wear nail polish so I could keep an eye on what my nails were doing, but I’ve read so many people have been told too?!!

Hi jencat

The best thing for nails is to use a clear strengthener throughout the whole time that you are on chemo. Your nails will become brittle, so a strengthener helps. Plus you can see how they are. 

Sue xc

Hi Jencat
I was rold dark varnish rhroughout Doxataxol and not EC but I ve worn it for the EC too as like my nails painted anyway!
I didnt wear travel sickness vands when having treatment but wore them when I got home.
The only thing is I dont know if they helped or not as I had extra Amend too! I wasnt sick or nauseous so thats all that mattered.
When are you starting?xx

My 2 thumb nails have still turned a bit dark near at the curtcle end.x

Well Jencat, that’s a new one for me. Haven’t heard of anyone using travel sick bands. I believe travel sickness is caused by the motion of whatever vehicle you are in. Might work with chemo meds???

My anti sick meds were great. I wasn’t sick at all, and just a little nauseous. I was given Emend before my chemo, which worked beautifully, and then I got Metaclopramide Hydrochloride to take home, and  could take up to three a day. Only ever needed one a day so I guess I am lucky.

I used dark nail varnish all through my treatment and my nails have survived. I believe it protects from sunlight which can damage. In addition I used Defiant nail oil from Living with Cancer web site. My nails are much stronger than they ever were. X

Jen lots of people have said they wear bands so I brought some just in case x
Nail varnish I was told fingers and toes x

Hi, I’m about to start chemo in 2 weeks time and have booked an appt for a flu jab (recommended by my chemo nurse); do you think  2 weeks is enough to get through the flu symptoms if it hits me? ( Knowing my luck recently, it will hit me hard ?)

thank you xxxx

I had my flu jab just 5 days before my first chemo and was fine.
I hadn’t thought about my toenails, I thought that the idea was just to keep the light off the nail bed and being winter my feet will be in socks and slippers most of the time.
With the nail oil did you just use it when you removed one lot of polish and before applying the next one?
I read about the Sea Bands in the September starters thread I think. I felt so sick I was happy to try anything no idea if they worked but I had less nausea after I put them on but that might have been the timing of me starting with them.

Oh, poor You! Jencat ? As if you didn’t have enough on your head …

hope you’re feeling better now x  just this awful prolonged waiting … 

I’ve decided to have the flu jab but nothing else; it’s this snotty time of year when we have to go through chemo… I have two young children, they will surely bring something from school x

take care xx

I didn’t have the flu jab as I couldn’t have it enough time before my chemo. Oncologist said to have it at least 2 days before start or not to bother. Remember to get your partner’s the flu jab though. My chemo nurse said that if you tell gp that you’ve got someone at home who is vulnerable ie on chemo then they will give the flu jab foc.

Cassie x

Thank you Cassie xxx didn’t know partner can have it free ?