Chemotherapy aches and pains? After it finishes

Hi anyone xx :relaxed:

I have just had my 5th treatment of EC chemotherapy, one more to go, it has hit me like a brick in every way, emotionally and physically ? I am feeling pain in the bottom of my back… When I say pain it’s more of an ache that I am aware of and obviously thinking it’s gone to my bones ?? i think I’m looking for a little reassurance that this is normal xx 


Hi Kirsty


A huge empathetic hug coming your way from me. It’s selfish but I find it reassuring to read of others not sailing through chemo like it’s just a flu jab or something.


I only had three ECs (followed by 9 weekly paclitaxels) and I was, to use your words, hit by a brick every time, ending in hospital with neutropoenic sepsis, thanks to a faulty thermometer and a runny nose. Given the impact on your white blood cells, I would check everything you’re worried about with your oncology team rather than relying on anecdotal support like this but I doubt very much that ‘it’s gone to my bones’ at this stage in the process. There’s probably no ‘it’ left after that chemical assault. If there is any suspicion it might head for the bones, you’d have had a bone scan and your concoction adjusted accordingly - are you having zometa infusions?


I don’t know how you act during what I called the zombie phases but I spent a lot of time flat out, unable to do anything - which caused a lot of pressure on the base of my spine, including a pressure sore. Maybe it’s your spine protesting at too much flopping back uselessly? However, this is pure logical speculation - ring the hospital on Monday (or of they are hard to get, ring the nurse here - they are a wonderful service). Informed advice is better than a bit a well-meant reassurance.


Meantime, I wish you well. Only one more to go is a huge achievement. Then on to the next stage. You’ll get there!!



I think it’s normal to develop aches and pains during chemo. After all, you have just had toxic chemicals pumped into your body, and the effect is cumulative. My Onco says it’s the equivalent of taking a sledge hammer to smash an egg - hit the cancer heavy and hard! ?. Also, EC is a harsh regime anyway, but I always thought if I felt crap then it was doing it’s job! Secondaries would show up in your blood count, but if you are really worried then phone your nurse. To me it sounds as though you are doing great! Well done you, you should be seeing light at the end of the tunnel soon. X ?