Chemotherapy after progression

Had felt a bit of a fraud earlier in the year posting on the SBC threads having a solitary sternal lesion (diagnosed simultaneously to primary IDC and lymph node involvement Oct 2017) that reacted well to chemo.  But sadly I now have properly joined the club. Follow up PET/CT scan October 2018 has shown multiple bony lesions in pelvis and collarbone, and widespread lymph nodal lesions. I hadn’t even completed 12m of Herceptin and Pertuzamab. 4x EC, 4x Docetaxol, Mx, SNB, 15x radiotherapy, Letrozole and 16 H&P. 


I am gutted, and having spent the past 2 weeks telling all who needed to know, am now feeling completely overwhelmed. 

I start TDM1 (Kadcyla) tomorrow, 3 weekly with Zometa. 


This forum was a lifeline to me last time going through treatment, but I am wary of posting on the chemo thread this time for fear of upsetting any of the new primary ladies, so thought this was a better place to start. 


Thank you for listening. 

Hi there,

Sorry to hear your news. I had a similar initial diagnosis in January of this year so am interested to hear your progress x



Oh mate I am so gutted to hear your news, there is not much I can say other than I am sure you will get loads of support from the ladies on the secondary thread.


Sending you lots of love and hugs


Helena xxx

​Dear All,


Could any of your guide me on below as i am not getting a satisfactory answer from my consulting doc.


My mother was diagnosed with Metastatic Breast cancer which has spread into her Liver and Bones. Through recent Chemo sessions her Bone mets have reduced drastically but Liver mets have shown no improvement. Her Chemo had additional drug Perjeta, which initially along with Chemo showed results but when was given individually had no result. 


Now the doc has suggested to start with Kadcyla​. She had her first infusion of Kadcyla​ last week ( 7 Dec 18), but due to so called known side effect she is not keeping well. She is experiencing nausea, head ache, body ache, loss in appetite and constipation​.


I was reading though the side effects and one of the major one is that it impacts the liver functionality. Since she has Liver mets, will the drug Kadcyla​ be effective for her or will deteriorate her liver to more worse.


Your views would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Rohit Sood