Chemotherapy and Joint Replacement

Hi - Has anyone else had a new knee or hip and then had chemotherapy? If so, have you found that the new joint has been affected?

I had 4 x FEC and with the first one my knee swelled to about three times it’s normal size and then subsided. I had my first Taxorere two weeks ago and the same thing has happened! Does chemotherapy attack the bodies weakest spots - anyone know?


Hi Sharon

I had a knee replacement Sept 05 (when I was 40), I then went on to start chemo Aug 06 (managed 4 out of 6 FEC). I had no problems with swellings during chemo, although personally I have had more pain back in the joint since finishing my treatment. Maybe that’s just wear and tear again after a couple of years??? I had a bone scan a few months back and apart from wear and tear to the joint there was no new obvious problems.

Sorry can’t help any further.


Sharon I have arthiritis and it flared up quite badly whilst on chemo I haven’t had any joint replacement.Three months post chemo and it has returned to how it was before chemo. Hope you ok love Eileen

Thanks for your comments - I just have the feeling that the chemotherapy is a bit sneaky and rushes to the nearest weak spot!!! I had my knee replacement two and a half years ago at 60. If only I hadn’t washed all those floors!!!