Chemotherapy decision

Hello , I’m new to this forum. My cancer is oestrogen receptive.Started letrizole Mar 17 to shrink tumour before surgery. Had wide local excision in Jan this year. It had spread to sentinel lymph node so had axillary node clearance 4 was ago.

had a few complications but getting to grips with it now hopefully.

however it seems I am borderline for chemo . My decision.or whether to just have radiotherapy as bisphosphonates and carry on with Letrazole.

has anyone else had to make this decision and if so how do they feel about it.

Hi Rosiea

Sorry that you havent had a reply yet, it may be that you would be better in the Chemotherapy area of the Forum.

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Hi Rosiea, I had read your post but was unsure about replying because my diagnosis, although oestrogen positive, is different to yours…I was dx straight to stage 4, so haven’t had surgery or radiotherapy and I’m just on Letrozole and Denosumab, but do understand your reservations about chemotherapy. When I started taking Letrozole I asked my Onc how long I could expect it to work with my diagnosis, while said everyone is different did say around 2-3 years, and I’m approaching the upper figure now. My scans have been NED but appreciate this could so easily change, then a decision would have to be made, and while I don’t think you probably know until faced with making it, I do know it isn’t something I would automatically say yes to. Sorry I can’t be of more help, Kate x