chemotherapy with Crohns Disease/ colitis ????

Has anyone experience of undergoing chemotherapy with Crohns Disease ??? I am due to start chemotherapy early March, seeing Oncologist 23rd February. Just curious to know if anyone on here can lend support or advice.


I am well cared for both by breast unit, oncology & GASTRO as have gone down as a complex case but just curious if anyone on here has been through it ? 


N xx

I am being treated for Breast cancer AND i have crohn’s.
I was on Remicade for my crohn’s buthad to stop treatment when I was diagnosed with cancer. I have only just re-started pentasa as I have no treatment options left for my crohn’s now.
I am very nervous about my crohn’s flaring but my Oncologist did his research and put me on EC chemo. I will not be having Taxotere as it could trigger a flare up. Let me know how you are getting on as I know what you are going through.

I am new to the world of forums but this is much needed advice . I have HLA B27 in all its glory with an ileostomy for my crohns done in 1993 (23 years ago). Despite being on Mecaptorpurine and nabumetone i have had flare ups and more surgery (2014) …I have now been diagnosed with breast cancer ( lucky me!) and am due to have a mastectomy this week  followed by hormone therapy and chemo …which combination is yet to be decided…Does anyone else have any experience of dealing with all this and how best to protect from dehydration etc during treatment . I do have fantastic consultants that TALK to each other but could really do with anyone who has has  a similiar experience…any input would so gratefully be received…

Hi Nicola, I’m probably not going to be any help to you at all in terms of advice as I am only a few weeks ahead in treatment terms but I do have Crohns and Breast Cancer. I would love to talk to someone in a similar situation though.

I also have BC and Crohns. I had to stop taking azathioprine before my surgery due to the lowered immune system. I am seeing my consultant in a couple of weeks. My hemicolectomy was in 1986 so t was a while ago. My chemo started this month. So far the anti sickness drugs have slowed down the diarrhoea which has been a bonus. I do have a little more Crohns pain but nothing I can’t deal with. Hope this helps

I was doing a little bit of research on chemo and chrons because I am undergoing chemo for breast cancer and although I don’t (thankfully) have chrons, several of my family have it and had surgery for it. Previously to reading these comments , my Google search lead me to read that some chemotherapy drugs can be used to treat Chrons. Interesting I thought.